Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Could Cause Trucking Supply Lines to Collapse, Resulting in Immediate Food, Gasoline, and Medical Shortages

The Joe Biden administration continues to jeopardize Americans’ health, livelihood, and freedom. Biden’s seditious vaccine regulations might bring the trucking sector to a halt and put supply lines across the country in jeopardy. Since the commencement of the covid-19 scandal, almost 3.5 million truckers have been driving across the country, transporting essential food, construction, agricultural, and medical materials. These men and women were just a year ago hailed as “important workers” and rewarded for their efforts. Today, the Biden administration is threatening to lay off hundreds of thousands of truckers by imposing a forceful vaccine mandate on their bodies.

Is OSHA going to be turned into a Marxist agency and used against Americans?
If the Biden administration has its way, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will be forced to issue sweeping new medical directives requiring truck drivers, as well as the vast majority of American workers, to receive COVID-19 injections or face hefty fines.

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All of the new OSHA and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration standards, which only discriminate against and push out reliable personnel, may cause small trucking companies (those with 1,000 or fewer trucks) to crumble. These businesses rely on tight profit margins and cannot afford to have trucks idle.

If covid-19 vaccinations are required to pass a physical medical exam every two years, many truckers will refuse to comply. Truckers are already required to complete diabetic and hypertension testing by the Department of Transportation. If truckers fail the exams, the Department requires them to take prescription medicines and get yearly physicals.

These truck drivers don’t want the government to make any more medical decisions for them, especially if the intervention is unnecessary and puts their health at danger. They may protest to the technology on moral grounds. They may have a medical history of vaccine-related complications. They could be at low risk of contracting the virus and already have natural immunity – according to science.

The economy of the United States is being wrecked as Marxists drive Americans to relinquish their basic bodily autonomy rights.
The Biden administration appears to be preparing the National Guard to take over many of the jobs that are being taken away from ordinary Americans. If the regime succeeds in eliminating truckers, the military may soon be in charge of trucking and supply lines, as shortages, item limits, and food queues become routine in American cities.

A bogus covid-19 testing program has been sabotaging the country for more than a year, and it is being used to confine people in their houses, monitor their lives through contact tracing, and deprive them of their rights.

Over a single case of disease, a “exposure,” or a falsified test result, these fraudulent testing systems have forced the closure of entire enterprises and industries. As more individuals accepted mental fragility — living in a perpetual state of seeking permission and expecting disease — this sabotage was carried out in the name of “safety.”

The US Treasury was utilized to carry out Marxist plans throughout much of 2020 and 2021. To stay unemployed, Americans were paid significant sums of money. Businesses struggled to pay employees for much of 2020. Now, as the federal government threatens to discriminate against millions of individuals and force them to work, these federal unemployment programs are coming to an end.


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