Biden’s Team IMMEDIATELY Cut Off After This Opening

Joe Biden’s handlers are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain a charade capable of carrying out the duties of the world’s most influential political office.

The former vice president has always been prone to gaffes and tripping over his own tongue in his five decades in the swamp, but his repeated mental lapses in the last two years have prompted some to speculate that he may be cognitively impaired.

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Since being sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, Biden has largely avoided public appearances that aren’t carefully orchestrated to avoid giving the game away, and his staff went to great lengths to save him from self-destructing on Wednesday.

During a simulated event with House Democrats, Biden deviated from the script at the end by inviting questions, prompting the abrupt termination of the “leader” of the free world.

After President Biden said he was “happy to answer questions” from Democratic lawmakers, the White House abruptly cut the feed of a virtual event on Wednesday, raising eyebrows.

Biden spoke to lawmakers about COVID relief and the ongoing vaccine rollout, accompanied by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and the House Democratic Caucus. He ended his remarks by urging Democrats to work with him to “restore confidence” in government.

He then seemed to be prepared to answer questions.

“If that’s what I’m meant to do, Nance,” Biden told the speaker, “I’d be happy to take questions.” “I’ll do whatever you want.”

After a short pause from the president, the feed ended seconds later.

Perhaps Biden’s handlers were wary of questioning him after he called Republican governors of Texas and Mississippi “Neanderthals” for defying him by loosening COVID restrictions.

Biden has yet to hold a press conference in his first 42 days in office, a 100-year record that has even his most ardent supporters, such as CNN’s Jake Tapper, admitting that such an occurrence is extremely rare.

Biden has not only avoided holding a formal press conference, but he has also avoided giving the standard State of the Union speech, and when asked why, his team dodges the question:

Biden’s handlers are obviously concerned about the possibility of a “emperor has no clothes” moment if he breaks down during the nationally televised SOTU, but the longer he stays silent, the more difficult it becomes for even the pro-Democrat media to resist raising hard questions.

Biden’s hiding is consistent with his campaign last year, which he spent the bulk of in his Delaware cellar, but it’s becoming more strange now that he’s in the White House.


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