Biden’s Situation Is Terrible! Even A Fed-Up Former Clinton Aide Uses ‘’#MAGA.’’

It has passed only a month since Joe Biden is the President of the United States, and he has lost a significant number of his supporters.

Many people are annoyed that he promised $2,000 stimulus checks, student loan debt forgiveness, and many other supporting measures, but he didn’t fulfill them. All of these promises started to disappear, and all he did was killing thousands of American jobs.

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This is not a real disappointment.

Peter Daou, the former Clinton advisor, the drop that spilled the glass is the long list of sexual misconduct allegations against Biden.
Not so long ago, Daou on his Twitter account said everything that he wanted. The most ironic part here is that he even used the hashtag MAGA!

Below we provide you the tweets he wrote to see by yourself!


If this is not the needed proof that Biden is losing his support, we show you another argument below!
Biden’s dark past that was hidden comes to light during his Presidency mandate!

The Business Insider published that Biden was accused of his interactions with women, and he didn’t want to apologize for his behavior.

In March 2020, Tara Reade shared that Biden attacked her sexually while working for his office in 1993.
Eight women, including Reade, publicly spoke that Biden touched them inappropriately. Seven of them said that his behavior didn’t amount to sexual harassment!

Resulting from these accusations, Biden shared a two-minute video in April 2019. He was criticized because he gave ‘’a non-apology apology.’’

He said he wasn’t sorry for anything that he has done in the past in the video!

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