Biden’s Really Lost It: Claims He “Got Involved” In Civil Rights Movement, But In 1987 He Said “I Was Not An Activist, I Wasn’t Marching”

Biden is the “ghost” hunting himself – he’s now going back in time, to compromise his own words!

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For some reason, Biden keeps repeating the claim that he was “involved” in the civil rights movement of the 1960s.

Ironically enough, his own words from 1987 debunk these very claims. And they are recorded and well-remembered.

Does he think that the past is data, computer, camcorder, and recording-free?

Or, he thinks that the past is exactly the same, compared to the times he referred to as “past” when he was young?

He definitely has a huge problem figuring out the exact time he’s living in. Not to mention finding the right words – that’s definitely not his field!

Watch Mumbling Joe in another episode of: “Lies and Nice Tries!”

So there Biden is again, spouting off the claim that he got involved in the Civil Rights movement. However, during a speech in 1987, he flat out admitted he did no marching and he was “not an activist”.

Hey Biden, in this version of the past – where you’re young – they DO have camcorders!


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