Biden’s “Presidency” Appears to be Collapsing According to Fox News

After Fox News reported that Biden’s “presidency” appears to be crumbling, the word “Battered Biden” is trending on social media right now.

The Fox News report is persuasive, but it isn’t something we didn’t already know or that we can’t verify for ourselves. Nonetheless, it’s commendable that they made it public. Liberals are completely out of their minds about it. The piece starts with a “memo” to Vice President Joe Biden: Life moves quickly, and the world is on fire right now.

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Israel is erupting, Americans are perplexed on when COVID-19 masks should be worn, and there are the agita-inducing long lines for fuel.

And that was just the first day of the week.

In just a few days, a lot has changed.

Biden was expected to have a fantastic day on Friday. The latest employment figures were about to be announced, and economists were gushing that exuberant employers and their newly vaccinated employees had possibly produced a million new jobs in April.

His team was probably planning on letting Biden loose at the White House to do a celebration dance in honor of the incredible number.

“You might think we should be disappointed,” Biden said, which was a reasonable assumption. However, he stated that the American Rescue Plan, which he signed into law in March, was “designed to help us over the course of a year — not 60 days.”

A employment report that included 734,000 fewer jobs than predicted was far from a disappointment.

“Today, there is even more proof that our economy is improving,” Biden said. “This is a step forward. He said, “This is a testament to our new approach.” “We have work to do, to state the obvious,” says the narrator.


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