Biden’s “New” Afghanistan Plan Has an Obvious Flaw, According to Martha McCallum…

While Martha McCallum may not be the most popular Trump supporter due to her election night hijinks, she does make an excellent point about Biden’s new “strategy” in Afghanistan.

It appears to be a jumble of flaws.

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Biden claims he’ll send in 6,000 US troops to protect the airport and rescue civilians trapped inside trying to flee for their lives.

But, as Martha points out below, there’s one major flaw with that strategy…

According to reports and footage, the Taliban have already created a perimeter that they are defending with gunfire:

“We dispatched 6,000 troops to secure the airport and safely evacuate passengers, and now the Taliban has built a cordon around the airport,” Martha said. No one is able to enter.” How did this happen?”



Meanwhile, Gen. Hank Taylor insists the airport is “secure,” but others are rightly concerned about how anyone may get past the Taliban-created barrier.

Will the Taliban simply allow the US and other security troops to enter?

Of course, we have no answers to this.

While all of this is going on, Joe is back on vacation. He’s probably in the middle of his second snooze of the day.

What a disgraceful and abject failure of “leadership.”

A fumbling, senile old fool and a gang of stupid, neurotic millennials are literally “leading” us.

Right now, no one in America is safe.

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Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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