Biden’s Felonies: The Wuhan Bioweapons Exposed

Last week’s Vanity Fair story was huge.

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Vanity Fair’s reporters looked through more than 100,000 pages of leaked documents.

They spoke to dozens of people and followed the paper trail everywhere they could. Here’s some of what they found.

And their efforts were golden.

They revealed a years-long effort by the non-profit EcoHealth alliance to get taxpayer funding from the federal government so they could funnel it to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

“Repeatedly, overseers in the federal government spotted this effort, and pointed out the gain-of-function research EcoHealth was funding was supposed to be illegal, but each time EcoHealth and its head Peter Daszak talked their way out of it and got the money to keep flowing.

Vanity Fair found that EcoHealth specifically got funding to research inserting new furin cleavage sites into bat coronaviruses. One of the unique features of the Covid-19 virus is that it has furin cleavage sites not seen on other coronaviruses.

Vanity Fair also found that in the first days of the Covid-19 outbreak, the head of the CDC told Fauci to investigate a possible lab leak origin of Covid-19, but Fauci ignored him, and instead collaborated with Daszak in efforts to label this idea a “conspiracy theory” when both of them knew it wasn’t.”

In addition, during last summer, a scientist named Jesse Bloom tried to figure out why important genetic data about the Covid-19 virus was deleted from an NIH database.

Thus, he wrote a paper suggesting that “the missing data might hint toward a Chinese lab origin of the virus.”

Furthermore, he contacted Tony Fauci directly. In response, he was invited onto a zoom call with Francis Collins, head of the NIH, where he was told that it was “unethical’ for him to try and learn more about Covid-19 genetic sequences had gone missing. China wanted them gone and that was that, he was told. No asking questions.

Bloom was also told that his paper would be unethical because, if it spread the idea that Covid-19 came from a lab, it would put scientists at risk of being physically attacked. Fauci and Collins tried to bully and intimidate Bloom into revising or deleting his paper completely.

So take what you want from all of that. At a minimum, it proves that everyone was lying from the very beginning when they tried to suppress and censor theories about a Covid lab leak.

Dr. David Martin has included himself in the efforts to save humanity.

He is fighting to expose the full truth about Covid. So, he filed lawsuits against Joe Bien, last month, as well as aginst the directors of Medicare and Medicaid, and several others.

In this lawsuit, he claims the vaccines are not creating any Covid immunity, and that calling them “vaccinations” is a deliberate attempt to deceive the public.

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