Biden’s “Buy American’ Fraud” EXPOSED! Rep Shows Pic Of “Made In China” Mask

American jobs are the best! Biden loves his job, too, and he can explain to us everything about it.

Everything is new for him, as for every new president. But, Biden is very eager to prove it in his speech, in front of a joint session of Congress. He saw employment for hardworking people.

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According to him, climate change is a “climate crisis. ”

“For too long, we have failed to use the most important word when it comes to meeting the climate crisis,” declared Biden. “Jobs. Jobs. For me, when I think about climate change, I think of jobs.”

Moreover, Biden saw potential jobs in renewable energy. “There’s no reason the blades for wind turbines can’t be built in Pittsburgh instead of Beijing. No reason why American workers can’t lead the world in the production of electric vehicles and batteries.”

The U.S. President spent $2.3 trillion of your tax dollars on “infrastructure.”

However, that isn’t even an infrastructure, right?

“The American Jobs Plan will create millions of good-paying jobs – jobs Americans can raise their families on,” Sleepy Joe added. “And all the investments in the American Jobs Plan will be guided by one principle: ‘Buy American.’ American tax dollars will be used to buy American products made in America that create American jobs. The way it should be.”

Maybe it is time for our tax dollars to be spent where they belong, at home.

Most of the Biden administration’s plans are to ensure that American tax dollars stay in America!

Below you can read what North Carolina GOP rep. Patrick McHenry said. “Was invited to attend President Biden’s speech. In order to attend, I had to show proof I’m fully vaccinated AND was told I’d be required to wear a KN-95 mask. Get there, and they hand me this,” ‘”You can’t make it up,”

No one can invent these things. Also, you cannot cover it if you are among the mass media, which would have a field day if Trump was the president.

All those who attended the speech were required to be socially distanced, wear KN-95 masks even though they were fully vaccinated.

However, we can move to write about China since this name was repeated a couple of times.

“We’re in a competition with China and other countries to win the 21st Century,” said Biden. “We have to do more than just build back. We have to build back better.”

Furthermore, Biden talked about investments in R&D using the government’s money. “Decades ago, we used to invest 2 percent of our GDP on research and development. Today, we spend less than 1 percent. China and other countries are closing in fast. We have to develop and dominate the products and technologies of the future: Advanced batteries, biotechnology, computer chips, and clean energy.”

The fed. government doesn’t give enough money for a technology part in Qingdao by buying KN-95 masks from China. It is arrant hypocrisy.

Can you think of the time when spurious claims appeared that Trump was manufacturing MAGA hats? It is identical to this time. In Biden’s speech, some rhetoric dealt with buying American and creating American jobs. But purchasing masks for the audience represents a missed free-throw that will haunt the Biden administration.

Many Americans even started to comment on this issue.

Biden sees many potential jobs in the “climate crisis” for the Americans. The Republicans see the same, but they talked about jobs lost through the decision to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, kill the Keystone XL pipeline, and the decision to cancel oil and gas leases on federal grounds.

Heritage Foundation in 2017 shared that analysis results showed the climate accord was “essentially an agreement to put hundreds of thousands of middle-class American workers in coal, steel production, oil and gas, construction and manufacturing into unemployment lines.”

“Our Heritage Foundation colleague Nick Loris estimates that, over the next decade, the agreement will cost Americans an extra $30,000 per family of four in higher energy prices and some 400,000 lost jobs (200,000 in manufacturing alone),” the report continued.

Biden omits all the previous mention issues, probably because he knows that he isn’t doing it for jobs. Moreover, Biden is doing that to sell the policies of his administration. The $2.3 trillion American Jobs Plan will give a job to the jobless without a degree.

Also, if you want a degree, the $1.8 trillion American Families Plan will serve for that, subsidizing a two-year community college education.

The tax money will stay in the U.S.

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