Biden Struggles To Hold Tight His New Puppy “Commander”

Many believe it’s due to the bad behavior from Biden’s side, and the high possibility that he kicked the dog.

With people – lying could pass. Though with animals, it’s impossible. They don’t like bad humans and can sense them from afar.

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The Bidens got the new German Sheppard puppy after they gave away their shelter dog Major.

But they’re not animal lovers.

They’re just doing it for a trend. And publicity.

“In this latest video of Joe and Commander, you can tell Joe doesn’t know the first thing about caring for a dog and he’s so feeble and old, he certainly can’t control a strong, vivacious puppy.

As Joe and Jill walked off Marine Force One, Joe was trying to look “all-American and presidential” by holding Commander’s leash, and the whole thing went terribly wrong.

Commander “commanded” frail old Joe with ease and basically dragged the old buffoon around like a rag doll.”

And here’s what people online had to say:

“Animal abuse. Where’s the outrage from ASCPA!”

“These two have branded themselves as dog people- remember..”

“Biden can’t read from a teleprompter, stay awake, walk up stairs, or walk a dog”

“I am in love with this dog LOL”

“Why would anyone let this ahull have another dog?”

“Remember that they got these dogs for photo ops and they are left in kennels most of the day.”

“He kicked the dog now? Is this the first one he got rid of, the second one he got rid of, or a third dog? We shouldn’t be surprised when he loves #Fauci, the dog torturer!”

“I saw him kick that dog. Video doesn’t lie”

“Joe the animal abuser. He’s just an angry confused old man”

“This Dementia patient has no business owning a dog”

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