Biden Randomly Starts Shouting, “COUNT THE VOTE” Into The Microphone

Have I got to mention that his election bill just “died”?!

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With a 33 % approval, his Build Back Better bill dead in the water, his vax mandate just crushed by SCOTUS, inflation soaring, and now his federalizing election bill done for, Joe is having a meltdown.

And what he has done recently just confirms he’s mentally unstable. And he’s losing touch – again.

Or, revealing his true self?!

Here’s what people online are commenting.

“He sounds like he’s upset that he won’t be able to have his people count the votes while covering up the windows to avoid surveillance this time around.”

“They poisoned America by installing this usurper, just look around.”

“His collapse happened in under a year”

“Who gets to count the votes??? You mean those people who pulled out bags of ballots from under the tables after everyone was cleared out of the room or the ones who put up the paper over the windows so no one could see them counting the votes back in 2020??”

“Wasnt it about voter suppression which is “who can vote”

“Anyone who still believes in Joe Biden is the most ardent and brainwashed of partisans. Even more so than people who still backed George W Bush at the end of the Cheney administration.”

“A fitting development for an illegally installed President.”

“Maybe I’m late to the party, buy what in the world is he talking about? What specific laws have been passed that have provisions to which he is referring? Seriously.”

“Change the way we “count the vote?!” WTF does he mean by that…did I miss something?”

“Why is he yelling? He has been angry since elected & all the press/media have done is kiss his ass”

“Someone get the hook, because this guy is done”

What would you like to add?

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