Biden Places Shocking Blame on The MILITARY For White Supremacy

President Joe Biden said Tuesday that the rise of white supremacy movements is responsible for some of the men and women once tasked with defending America at home and abroad.

While speaking at a CNN town hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Biden made the assertion.

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Joel Berkowitz, a professor of foreign languages and literature at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, was asked during the session about “continuing threats to our nation from Americans who embrace white supremacy and conspiracies that align with it.” What will your administration do to tackle this dynamic and broad-based issue? ”

It is difficult, it is broad-based and it is true. To begin with, I got interested in politics because of civil rights and opposition to white supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan,” said Biden, whose civil rights record was denounced by Vice President Kamala Harris during his presidential campaign while she was competing for the Democratic presidential nomination.

And in America, the most violent individuals continue to exist. In America, that’s the biggest threat to violence: domestic terror.

His pledge to concentrate on white nationalists was reiterated by Iden.

And then I’d make sure my Department of Justice and the Division of Civil Rights are strongly centered on those very individuals. And I’d make sure we’re actually focusing on how to cope with the rise of white supremacy,’ he said.

Biden then pointed the finger at former members of the military and agents of law enforcement.

“And you see what’s going on, and the studies that are starting to be done, perhaps at your university as well, about the impact of former military, former police officers, on some of these groups’ growth of white supremacy,” he said.

He then reiterated his accusation of “demented” members of certain far-right parties.

You can recall that I asked him to condemn the Proud Boys in one of my debates with the former president. He wouldn’t be doing that. He was saying, ‘Stand by. Stand ready.’ Or exactly whatever the phrasing was. It’s a rejection of our life. It always has been. Biden said, as Lincoln said, “We have to appeal to our better angels.”

And these guys are not, and women are demented in fact. They are dangerous individuals.

Some fought back against the speech of the president.

The observation of Biden is somewhat in line with the thoughts of Dyjuan Tatro, employed as his director of strategic outreach for the department of diversity and inclusion by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Tatro released a scathing indictment on the police in a since-deleted tweet last month.

“He wrote then, “The solution to white supremacists storming the Capitol is not to send more money to another group of white supremacists who are [sic] charged with upholding white supremacy.

The police were linked to Nazis by another since-deleted tweet.


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