Biden Insults Kentucky Tornado Victims

Either Joe Biden is really cold-hearted and prudent, or really lost and a hopeless lunatic case.

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In a speech that would have been laughable if it weren’t so enraging, President Joe Biden got mixed up on the type of weather that stormed out with deadly consequences in 5 states ver the last weekend. Though – he was 100% sure it was due to climate change.

Biden said at the beginning his intention was to “provide an update on the deadly and devastating tornadoes that moved across several states in the central United States.”

“I’m monitoring the situation very closely since early this morning. This is likely to be one of the largest tornado outbreaks in our history,” Biden said.

“Earlier today, I called the governors of the states that have been — experienced severe impacts of the storms, including Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, as well as Tennessee.

But a hurricane hit the Mid-South and Mid-West?!

“Jill and I pray — and I sincerely mean this — pray for those who have lost loved ones and for those who are uncertain of the fate of their loved ones. And the debris that you see scattered all over the hurricane’s path,” Biden said.

“They lost their homes. They lost their businesses. And it’s a tragedy. It’s a tragedy. And we still don’t know how many lives were lost or the full extent of the damage.


But wait — there’s (sadly) more!

Even though the president may not be sure about what kind of weather caused this, he’s darned sure that climate change had something to do with it.

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