“Biden Had The Audacity to Try to Visit My Son This Evening,” Says the Father of a Wounded Marine at Walter Reed”

According to the father of a wounded Marine, Joe Biden attempted to visit his son last night but was turned away by the family. So far, it appears to be the only news about Biden’s visit to Bethesda, Maryland’s Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The White House has remained tight-lipped about the visit, releasing no images, stories of visits, or even reports of Biden bestowing Purple Hearts.

Note: The father has removed his tweets on Biden’s visit after receiving criticism. “After all the hate taken from my tweet about Biden’s attempt to come last night, we decided as a family to remove it,” the father said. Thank you for your continuous prayers and thoughts.”

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The following is some background on the man’s injured kid, followed by his thoughts on Biden’s attempt to see him yesterday night:

“Pray for my son, Marine @JesseKellyDC, who is on the ground in Kabul. I’m still waiting to learn about his situation. My heart is churning with rage.”


“It’s been a long time since we heard from our son! He is suffering from a serious concussion. Both of my eardrums were ruptured. His arms and one leg are both broken. But, praise God, he is still alive! He’s arrived in Germany safely, and his mama bear is on her way to be by his side. Thank you very much for all of your prayers!”

“It was the most difficult day of my life yesterday. My son’s leg was infected and damaged beyond repair, thus the choice was taken to amputate below the knee.”

“My son is on his way home. Walter Reed is the next station. Still a long way to go, but I’m delighted he’ll be back in the United States.”

“My son is on his way home. Walter Reed is the next station. Still a long way to go, but I’m delighted he’ll be back in the United States.”

“Today I’m by my son’s side. All things considered, he is in high spirits. The infection is under control, and thank God, his hearing is returning.”

“Biden had the guts to try to pay a visit to my son tonight. He was ostracized. He is fortunate that I am a calm individual… My daughter told me to take a step back.”

“The Pentagon leadership, specifically General Milley, failed our troops, and the Biden administration’s fumbling of the Afghan situation is the reason 13 of our Soldiers killed…

So please don’t blame me if I don’t want to meet the man who placed my son in danger. His hands are stained with blood. I’ll never be able to forget what happened on August 26th!

“Physically and mentally, my kid will never be whole again. He was only a few feet away from being buried. Despite this, people advise us to “get over it.” It was his responsibility. REALLY! They should be ashamed of themselves. I sincerely hope that nothing awful happens to their child.”

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