Biden Goes Crazy In Front Of The Press Yet Again

Joe Biden, as we all know, is an olive short of a martini. His jumbled phrases, incoherent language, choked arguments, and I’m not sure where I am in the Sam Hill but let’s make the early bird special at Denny’s demeanor do not speak well for his general understanding of reality.

Others ask if a man with the mental faculties of a crushed rutabaga should have his shaky finger on the button, which amuses and severely teases his veep’s ambitions. CNN is normally unconcerned about such matters, favoring any organism that can breathe on its own and isn’t a Republican.

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But one attractive CNN reporter is undoubtedly unconcerned, because she was just warned to go off the lawn and not to return with her obnoxious adolescent pals! Joe had lost it yet again in public. When he uttered the now-famous statement, he was most likely channeling a Scooby-Doo villain. He subsequently apologized once his meds set in and Jill told him that if he didn’t apologize, he wouldn’t get any jello for dessert.

“President Biden’s enraged answer to a CNN reporter on Wednesday was the latest in a long line of occasions he has snarled at journalists who have asked him hard questions,” according to FNC.

During his brief time in office, Biden has enjoyed being asked about his favorite ice cream flavor or compliments on how he is perceived as a “decent man,” but he did not appreciate CNN’s Kaitlan Collins suggesting that he was confident Russian President Vladimir Putin would change his malign behavior after their summit this week. ‘I’m not convinced he’ll change his behavior,’ Biden remarked as he walked away from his Geneva press appearance. ‘What the hell are you doing all the time?’

As Collins attempted to reply, Biden raised his hand and said, ‘When did I say I was confident?’

Let’s be clear about something. I stated that the rest of the world reacting to them and lowering their status in the world will change their behavior. I have no faith in anything. ‘All I’m doing is stating a fact.’ Before walking away, he told her she was in the ‘wrong business’ since she couldn’t comprehend why their meeting was productive.”

Even left-wing late-night comic Stephen Colbert mocked the befuddled and perplexed President. He described Biden’s cry as “strong’Grandpa’s had it with your lip’ energy.” Colbert then threw off his jacket and incoherently yelled at an imaginary reporter, “Watch it, Mister!” and “Knock it off with the grab-ass and the horseplay!” in a Biden impersonation. This isn’t going to be a dog-and-pony show. Have you ever been born in a barn? If you were, get a pail and start milking the cows, Little Boy Blue, because they’re coming home to roost!


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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