Biden Gets Lost at The White House In Video

Okay, it’s time for Biden to take a cognitive test, and I mean that seriously.

A video of Biden entering the White House went viral after it revealed that he was unable to follow basic instructions.

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In the footage, Biden is heading down the walkway leading to the White House, with a secret service man in front of him directing him to take a right.

To add to this, there was only one direction to walk, which was right, hence the fact that the secret service agent gave him hand signals on which directions to go simply goes to prove Biden isn’t all there.

That’s not all; Biden fully disobeyed the agent’s advice by continuing straight and eventually exiting the sidewalk, only to be encircled by shrubs.

He eventually gained access, but the scenario seemed strange.

Take a look at what went wrong:

The story was covered by the United States Sun, which provided the following details:

Joe Biden appeared to “get lost” on his way back to the White House, wandering across the lawn despite his Secret Service agent’s orders.

After spending time in Delaware, the foolish Democrat was caught strolling on the presidential estate.

An agent is seen waving a finger at Biden and telling him to turn right, but the president appears to disregard the command.

Biden then trundles across the grass, appearing to take the long way back to the house, according to MailOnline.

As he makes his way into the White House, he flashes a thumbs-up.

After Biden’s speech, many were eager to slam him.

Is it time for the 25th Amendment to be applied to Biden since he is mentally unfit?

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