Biden DOJ’s Is Interfering With The Arizona Election Audit!

On Wednesday, the Biden DOJ expressed their worry about ballot security and voter intimidation because the AZ State Senate authorizes a private audit of the 2020 Presidential election in Maricopa County.

The DOJ sent a letter to Republican State Sen. Karen Fann raising “two issues of potential noncompliance with federal laws” linked to the audit.

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“The first issue relates to a number of reports suggesting that the ballots, elections systems, and election materials that are the subject of the Maricopa County audit are no longer under the ultimate control of state and local elections officials, are not being adequately safeguarded by contractors at an insecure facility, and are at risk of being lost, stolen, altered, compromised or destroyed,”- Justice Department Official Pamela Karlan.

Karlan also added that the techniques used by the Cyber Ninjas raise doubts about “potential intimidation of voters.”

Cyber Ninjas released a statement of work, saying that they have been working to “identify voter registrations that did not make sense, and then knock on doors to confirm if valid voters actually lived at the stated address.”

Karlan declared that the statement of work by Cyber Ninjas tells that it will select three precincts in Maricopa County with many anomalies to “conduct an audit of voting history.”

“Voters may be contacted through a ‘combination of phone calls and physical canvassing’ to ‘collect information of whether the individual voted in the election’ in November 2020,” Karlan said.

“We would appreciate your response to the concerns described herein, including advising us of the steps that the Arizona Senate will take to ensure that violations of federal law do not occur,” Karlan concluded.

The letter appeared only one day after Cyber Ninjas’ announcement that they need volunteers to sign a non-disclosure contract to take part in the audit. KNXV-TV reported this.

Back in 2016, Trump won Maricopa County with 44.500 votes. But, in 2020, Biden won the same county by 45.100 votes.

Regardless of Biden’s victory, Republicans carried every countywide office there, save for sheriff, among which was flipping the county recorder and winning the seat.

The closes margin of any of the swing states that Biden won was Arizona by 0.3% (10.457 votes.)

Even though numerous allegations emerged of voting irregularities, the court didn’t rule that fraud influenced the election results.

In late March, Arizona Senate Republicans shared that the audit will include scanning 2.1 million ballots, looking for irregularities. Also, everything will be done manually, analyzing the registration rolls to make sure that only eligible voters voted, as well as performing a forensic audit of the voting machines and systems.

The scheduled ending of the audit is on May 14, but Arizona Senate audit liaison Ken Bennett announced it might take a little longer.

On Sunday, Kelli Ward, Arizona GOP chairwoman, tweeted: “They want to do it, and they want to do it right.”

“This audit is to actually give the Arizona voting public assurance that our elections are secure, fair, and honest,” she wrote. “Who doesn’t want that?”

Well, I think the Democrats don’t want that… am I right?

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