Biden Bumbles Around Fake White House Set

He was acting to get another one of the endless line of COVID jabs.

Do you believe this guy?!

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US president Joe Biden was filmed this week bumbling around a fake White House set before getting injected with a fourth vaccine shot while admitting he didn’t really understand why it was happening on stage.

He even struggled to read out from the TV ‘idiot’ on the launch of an informational site for all of the COVID-19 related happenings and stuff.

Biden recieved his second booster shot (the 4th vaccine shot) of the Pfizer vaccine one day after the FDA authorized them on Tuesday.

“He then read “and now I’m going to get my second booster shot,” before taking off his jacket, wandering around and stating “I’m not sure why I’m doing it on stage,” Summit News reported.

Hilariously, as he was being injected, a reporter then yelled at Biden “Can you comment on the declassified intelligence that Putin doesn’t trust his military leadership since it is declassified?”

“No, I can’t,” Biden replied.

He then stated “I’ve always though that it discourages people getting the vaccination when they watch people get a needle in their arm. So I apologize for discouraging.”

Biden also seemed pleased with himself that “I was able to roll my sleeve up.”

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