BIDEN: Bipartisan Meetings Are Back On

He’s lost – so he brought back bipartisan meetings at the White House in the desperate try to find a solution and common ground with the Republicans. Especially because of the COVID 19 situation.

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A spokesman for the White House, Michael Gwin stated that the president is “glad to welcome lawmakers from both parties to the White House to work towards finding common ground on the challenges we face, and he’ll continue to do so throughout his time in office.”

Many see this as a step back, returning to a more traditional and old-fashioned governing style.

However, to play like this, he also has to give out more. If you want negotiations, you have to be prepared to lose certain credentials, since obviously, the other side would want to take something of yours.

The Democrats currently hold only narrow majorities in Congress.  Only Vice President Harris casts a tie-breaking vote in the 50-50 Senate. And that only when needed.

Biden made his first meeting with the GOP Senators at the very start of this month, the 1st of February. However, they didn’t agree with his $1.9 trillion relief proposal, thinking of it as way over the planned expenses.

Furthermore, he met with a bipartisan senator group on the 11th of February, discussing infrastructure, and once more this week, discussing vulnerabilities in the supply chains.

“The political process has its ups and downs, and I’m hoping that this is an opportunity for us to do something truly important in a bipartisan way,” said Senator John Cornyn of Texas. “So far, the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill is being passed strictly along party lines. I think that’s unfortunate.”

I see this as a way to get what they want, by making small effortless commitments to the other side.

What do you think?


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