Biden Admin Separated A Newborn Baby From His Mom And J6 Protester Felicia Konold! ‘She’ Is A ‘PROUD BOY’

Felicia Konold currently faces more than 30 years of prison time if she’s found guilty of the crime of marching at the ‘’Stop the Steal’’’ protest on J6. She has been indicted for walking next to the Proud Boys group.

The MSM described her as ‘’Proud Boy.

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In case of conviction, the government will take her son, and she will go to prison.

On February 11, 2021, more than twenty FBI agents and Federal SWAT team members entered her farmhouse.
The single mom (26) started yelling at the officers, “FBI! Come out of the house, now!”

Felicia saw the unmarked vehicles, more than 15 in a row. She banged on the door to her aunt’s room and told her to wake up and leave the house; the FBI was at the door.

TGP shared a flashback:

FLASHBACK…On February 13, 2020, Felica Konold was involved in a horrific vehicle accident in which she tragically went through the windshield. In those early morning hours of February 14, she received hours of life-saving surgery, and it was a day nobody involved expected her to survive.

She visited the Red Wood Forest, Yellowstone National Park, and the Grand Canyon. She fell in love with

“Lobstah” Rolls in Maine, drove a Maserati in North Carolina, surfed during a hurricane in the Carolinas, and camped out in many national parks. It was during one of these road trips while in Tennessee with her younger brother, Cory Konold, that they learned of President Trump’s “Save America” rally to be held on January 6 in Washington DC. She mentioned they should go and see the President speak if they were in the vicinity. This led to the events described in this article…FLASHFORWARD

Felicia opened the door and saw 20 officers with shields and automatic rifles directed at her. She had to put her hands up and walk toward them.

The officers asked her if she had any weapon, to which Felicia responded, “Does it look like I have any weapons on me? What in the world is this all about?”

The officers grabbed her hands and handcuffed her, and asked, “Is there anybody else in the house?” Felicia responded, “Yes, my aunt! She is disabled, and she’s in her bedroom,” The agents entered the house, and Felicia was outside, they escorted her aunt to the living room area, and the rest of the squad were searching the house for weapons.

The officers found some weapons, brought them outside, cleared them, and laid them on a table.
Felicia noticed one of the guns was unaccounted for and told the agents they had missed one, stating, “Be careful, it is loaded!”

“You guys seriously get paid to do this?”

Felicia was escorted to one of the SUVs, and the officers continued to raid the house for hours, and they seized two pages worth of unrelated items and personal possessions.

They asked, “Would you happen to have a song request, then?” “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue,” Felicia replied.

At the FBI facility, Felicia was interrogated for four hours, and they asked questions, but she didn’t answer.

“They were packing some serious heat,” Felicia recalled.

“I was actually shocked that I was being treated like a mass murderer – the whole experience seemed surreal.
Especially since I never ever committed any kind of violence whatsoever and had been cooperative throughout. Not to mention I had never been arrested before this, so the entire situation I found myself in was worse than any nightmare I had ever had. Little did I know just how much worse it would get.”

She spent nine days at the Federal Prison and got secured to a wheelchair-kind of apparatus and transported to the facility. There she saw her brother, Cory Konold, in a holding cell.

Furthermore, Felicia entered a tiny wire-mesh cage with a chair. She spent 8 hours there. Later, when she was retrieved and went through her process, two guards were close to her during the process.

‘’ While the other prisoners were given multiple sets of clothes, bed linens, toiletries and allowed a phone call – Felicia was given only one set of clothes and nothing else! She was not even allowed to have a phone call! Prompted by the exchange between her and Cory when she entered, she was asked by the intake personnel if Cory Konold was her husband.

“Cory is my younger brother,” she corrected them.

After this intake process, Felicia was escorted to what would become her holding cell through a maze of approximately 15 gates and common areas. This alone proved daunting in that each area they approached had to be evacuated, then secured, before they could proceed. ‘’ TGP reported.

Day 2: Detainment in Federal Prison!

The cell where she was kept didn’t have windows; it had a special metal bed attached to the walls.

According to statements, there was a combination of a metal sink/ toilet bowl as a single unit and a sink with a drop of water that could come out.

There was a small trapdoor below the window, where her food was delivered only after she complied with orders to stand facing the back wall of her cell. Of course, the food was old and soggy, sometimes moldy.

Felicia was pregnant, and she knew that and was forced to starve!

Before leaving her cell, she had to be handcuffed first and then leave the cell.

The past years have been a rollercoaster ride for her, and on February 14, 2020, she was in a hospital fighting for her life.

On February 14, 2021, everything turned upside down for her as she was held as a Political Prisoner.

Now, on February 14, 2022, she was home with her 10-year-old son and her 3-month-old newborn son.

The fact that she has been involved in the MSM lies, it’s hard for her to find constant work to support her family!

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