Bezo’s Purchase of MGM a “Secret” Plot to Destroy Trump?!

MGM — Metro Goldwyn Mayer – is about to be purchased by Amazon founder Jeff Bezo.

However, it’s possible that this isn’t simply another random billionaire acquisition – there’s more to the story, and whispers are circulating that it involves President Trump…

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You’ll understand why once I tell you what Jeff currently has in his possession.

According to Mediaite, Amazon has officially agreed to buy film company Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM), and Stephen Colbert has some theories as to why Jeff Bezos chose to pay the steep $8.45 billion price tag.

On Tuesday’s Late Show, Colbert remarked, “The newest Bezos news-os is that Amazon is finalizing a deal to buy the Hollywood studio MGM.” “Wow, that’s a billionaire move.”

Mike Hopkins, Senior Vice President of Prime Video and Amazon Studios, confirmed the acquisition on Wednesday morning, stating that Amazon now owns over 4,000 films and 17,000 television episodes.

In a statement, he continued, “The true financial value behind this transaction is the rich trove of IP in the deep catalog that we want to rethink and expand along with MGM’s great staff.” “It’s incredibly exciting, and it opens up a lot of doors for great storytelling.”

Colbert was convinced that the deal would allow Bezos access to past episodes of The Apprentice, including the infamous tapes reportedly showing Donald Trump uttering racist remarks.

“So, why would one of the world’s wealthiest individuals pay nearly twice as much for a floundering film business that recently declared bankruptcy? “Well, it’s possible that Jeff Bezos and the former president have a long-standing feud,” Colbert speculated. “Well, guess what? MGM owns all of the outtakes from The Apprentice.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, He went on to say, “The private footage of a TV millionaire will belong to an actual billionaire.” “See, for years, there have been rumors that the Slob Father uses racist language in outtakes from The Apprentice, notably by Tom Arnold, who claims to have personally witnessed it.”

Here’s what Stephen Colbert, a TDS loser, has to say about it.

The N-Word tape claims have been flying about for a long time, despite the fact that Mark Burnett, the creator of The Apprentice, has stated that he has never heard Trump utter anything like that.

Trump, of course, never stated that; it’s ludicrous.

Regardless, it’s a TDS urban tale that refuses to die.

However, even if Amazon owns MGM, it’s unclear whether they’ll have physical access to the records or the legal right to do anything with “The Apprentice” footage.

But you can bet they’ll attempt all they can to harm or embarrass President Trump if they can.




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