Best Friend of The Missing Girl Reveals The Dark Side Of The Notorious Boyfriend That Ran Away…

Only two months after their “dream come true” wondering van trip, the girl went missing and the boy’s love and affection are gone along. Instead of wearing and doing heroic acts to search for his love, he revealed his true face to the American public…

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Brian Laundrie, 23, and his girlfriend, Gabby Petito,22, became crazy-famous on Instagram, after deciding to go on an American adventure, driving from New York to Portland with a van, posting daily pictures, and videos of their perfect trip and perfect relationship.

However, “Things went haywire when Gabby went missing on or around August 25th, and Brian returned home to Florida in the couple’s “camping van” without Gabby, and refused to speak to the police.

Since then, Brian was named a “person of interest” by the police, and a TikTok user named Miranda has come forward and said that she and her boyfriend encountered Brian in one of the last known places where Gabby was thought to be before she went missing.”

But, the story took a sudden turn, after the mother of the girl slammed Brian Laundrie saying ‘he’s not missing, he’s hiding, after his attorney stated that the man, who’s now named a person of interest in her daughter’s disappearance hasn’t been seen since Tuesday.

According to the report published by the Daily Mail,

“Petito’s mom Nichole Schmidt reacted angrily to the news that Laundrie had vanished and suggested he is on the run, following a fraught week where she has issued several public pleas asking him and his family to cooperate with investigators.

“He’s not missing, he’s hiding! Gaby is missing!”

As the FBI and police now look for both Brian and Gabby, her best friend has come forward and shared the very dark side of who Brian Laundrie really is.

And according to Petito’s best friend, while Laundrie presents himself as a sweet and caring guy, he is actually jealous and controlling.

Rose Davis said Laundrie allegedly went so far as to hide Gabby’s ID once so that she couldn’t meet up with her at a bar, trigging a violent episode similar to the one police investigated weeks before her disappearance.

‘Brian took her ID just so she wouldn’t be able to come out with me,’ she stated.

‘He’s got these jealousy issues and he struggles from what Gabby called these ‘episodes,’ where he would hear things and hear voices and wouldn’t sleep.

‘Gabby had to stay at my house a bunch of times because she just needed a breather and didn’t want to go home to him.’

This guy sounds like a controlling psycho with mental illness, to boot.

Gabby also appears to have some mental struggles. She told police in UT that she was suffering from “anxiety” and OCD.

The combo of these two personalities, cooped up in a tiny van for months was likely a toxic cocktail doomed for some kind of failure.”

I assume what happened was one of his episodes again, but it had a tragic end…

what’s your wildest guess?

Tell us in the comments.


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