Ben Carson Slammed Ilhan Omar After She Compared Georgia To Apartheid!

t is such a “disgusting” comparison!

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They are both from different ideological and religious backgrounds – but he felt strongly affected by this comparison and couldn’t stay silent!

Dr.Ben Carson, the former Housing and Urban Development Secretary spoke against Omar’s decision to boycott the new Georgia election integrity law, saying that “in the case of Apartheid, which ran from roughly 1948 to 1991, the segregationist and institutionally racist policies against the black population of South Africa came to an end because of boycotts.”

“Our hope is that this boycott will result in changes in the law because we understand that when you restrict people’s ability to vote, you create a democracy that isn’t fully functioning for all of us,” Omar stated.

And Dr.Carson fired back, saying that this was such an offensive and also, a dangerous comment to make, taking into consideration the fact that the Liberals are so worried about racism and racist treatment in our country…

But, since Omar was defending the Liberal’s point of view on this subject – they never stated anything about being racist in her statement!

Once again they prove their hypocrisy.

“It’s so disgusting that people would try to take something as horrible as Apartheid and try to equate it to this and not to explain it,” Carson stated. “This is the worst part. They make these accusations, they all get on the bandwagon and they will not sit down and explain it.”

“We’re not each other’s enemies. Trying to create Black victimhood and White guilt does not lead us to a good place,” he said.

Not stopping there, Carson also went after President Joe Biden for describing the Georgia law as “Jim Crow on steroids.”

“It’s very sad that some of our leaders, particularly the leader of the free world would be involved in disseminating information that is untrue. I wonder if these people understand history,” he said. “Do they know what Jim Crow laws actually were? They were a mechanism to diminish the rights that many Blacks had gained during Reconstruction and they enforced segregation. The things that people went through in those days were horrendous.”


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