Behind The Scenes Images of Zelenskyy Got People Really Upset

Rarely who likes Zelenskyy. And really who can say they believe him, considering he’s an actor and a comedian, who has also had some pretty questionable moments not so far away in time.

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Also, there has been a mountain of “war propaganda” coming out of Ukraine. So much so, that you can’t even keep up with what’s real and what’s not.

I am sure Russia also has a great deal of propaganda, but we really wouldn’t know, since all the world’s “mainstream media” sources and social media are only reporting and publishing the Ukraine propaganda. It’s very one-sided and easy to see what the establishment is pushing on everyone.

Why does the globalist media and the establishment politicians want me and you to care about this “war” more than we care about our own country, so they’re going all out to tug at our heartstrings and create a very “good vs evil” narrative.

The globalists need a good guy and a bad guy, not two bad guys.

So, Zelensky is the hero, and Putin is the villain. That’s the story, and if you ask any questions at all, you’ll be labeled a “Putin-Loving communist.”

Here’s what conservative comedian Tim Young said: “Call me a “Putin puppet” all you’d like… it doesn’t change the fact that elaborate, staged photoshoots in the middle of a war zone seem incredibly odd to me.”

It’s like a Hollywood movie.

Here’s what people online are saying about the photoshoot:

“This guy is a fraud. A puppet and that means someone else has their hand up his Ass telling him what to do.”

“Yes, this is weird. I get that war leaders have photos taken, but isn’t that after the war is over and they’ve won?”

“Perhaps same set designer for the faux WH setting for the Brandon Administration?”

“Maybe this always happens and we’re just seeing the propaganda for what it really is for the first time?”

“I am bothered by this, it just feels so staged.”

“Zelensky was a standup comedian and actor before winning the election and he’s amassed $1 Billion dollar++ wealth… Zelensky and Putin are opposite sides of the same coin”

“Also, he was on the Grammys, 60 minutes, while a war is raging? Weird. Just weird and feels phony and staged”

“Just another actor in one of many movies playing out…”

What would you like to add?

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