Because of Unvaccinated Americans, Fauci Fears a Variant Worse than Delta is on the Horizon

According to Fauci, a new variation may pose a threat to the Covid vaccine’s efficacy.

“What we’re seeing is that you have a big pool of vulnerable people because of this increase in transmissibility, and because we have roughly 93 million people in this nation who are eligible to get vaccinated but don’t get vaccinated,” Fauci told McClatchy’s DC office.

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Despite the delta variant’s high contagiousness, it can still get worse, according to Fauci.

He is concerned that the virus will be given “ample” opportunity to mutate into a more lethal variant, reducing the effectiveness of immunizations. He believes that as the virus spreads, it will have more opportunity to mutate.

“If we don’t suffocate the outbreak by getting the vast majority of the population vaccinated, the virus will smolder through the fall and into the winter, giving it ample opportunity to evolve into a variant, which, quite frankly, we’re very lucky that the vaccines we have now do very well against the variants.

“If another one comes along with the same high transmission potential but is far more severe, we might be in serious trouble,” he added. “Those who refuse to get vaccinated incorrectly believe that it is entirely about them. But it isn’t the case. It’s also about the rest of the world.”

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