BBC Forgot To Tell What People Under 30s Have To Know About The Coronavirus Vaccines

The BBC shared an article to tell people under 30s some details about the coronavirus shots, but they will never show some things.

So, we took the BBC’s article and write all the relevant details that they will never share for the people under 30s.

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So, what you will read below are the crucial parts of the BBC’s article, and the words in italics are all the relevant details hidden.

A single-dose jab made by Janssen has also been approved. However, this is a false statement because it has only an emergency authorization different from approval. The government in October modified the Human Medicines Regulations 2012, so they can allow the mHRA to grant temporary permission of coronavirus shot in an emergency, so they don’t have to wait for the EMA.
However, it is valid only for one year and requires the pharmaceutical companies to fulfill specific obligations. Comprehensive data have been obtained. After that, standard marketing authorization can be granted. It signifies that the vaccine manufacturer can’t be held responsible for injuries by the vaccine.

Numerous severe side effects can be found in the UK Government reports, which you can find them here under the analysis profile section.

People under 55 are more likely to get side effects from Pfizer and Moderna. It is scandalous that many severe adverse reactions have been reported from the AstraZeneca shot, contrary to the Pfizer vaccine, where people under 55’s are at extremely low risk of having severe disease due to coronavirus. Until May 19, there have been 676,083 adverse reactions to AZ vax compared to 175,673 from Pfizer jab.

Under-40s are being offered alternatives to AstraZeneca because of a possible link between the vaccine and extremely rare blood clots in a tiny number of people. It was confirmed that the AZ vaccine is caused from March because a top Norwegian health official was assigned to investigate a series of high-profile cases of tare blood clots suspected to be caused by the vaccine. According to him, the vaccine was to blame.

For everyone else, the benefits of AZ and the other vaccines far outweigh the risks. It is another lie. The benefits don’t outweigh the risks for people under the age of 85.

The graph shows the death cases in the last 28 days of a positive test for coronavirus by date of death and individual’s age. We can see that the most alleged coronavirus deaths happened for people older than 90 years. The following age group is deaths between 85-89, then 80-84, etc. We have a decrease in the number of deaths up to 65-69 age group. However, we have a dramatic fall to almost zero in people at the age of 60.
People who support the lockdowns will claim that people at 60 are too young to die. And they are right. But the map shows that there haven’t been any more than nine deaths in one day of anyone at the age of 60-64.
In the age group of 65-69, haven’t been more than 20 deaths per day. Then, in the 70-74-year-old group, around 27 deaths per day were reported, 75-79 we have about 48 reported deaths, and in 85-89 we have 179 deaths per day, and for the group above 90, we have 379 deaths in a single day.
We don’t find it weird the high number of dead people at the age above 85. The average life in the UK is 81, so we should have expected that.

Because the vaccines are experimental, how can they say that the benefits outweigh the risk for people older than 85?

Remember, 1,900 people in every million have died from Covid in the UK, and blood clots are a common symptom of the disease. So this isn’t accurate too. The preliminary test was the PCR test. But they look for genetic matter using amplification cycles. The number of those cycles that have to detect the genetic matter from the virus is referred to as the cycle threshold.

So, the people who aren’t having much of the new coronavirus are still positive, and even they aren’t contagious.
According to the inventor of the test, people who have no symptoms get tested, and the tests are being carried out at high cycles where it is possible to find something you want to see.

Take a look at the table taken from NHS data. On March 31, 2021, from 86,308 COVID deaths, 3,542 had no pre-existing conditions.

Regarding the people with allergies, only 1% of adverse reactions are reported to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme, and we can see that Pfizer shot caused 276 allergies, and one ended up fatally.

If you are pregnant, you shouldn’t receive the vaccine shot. No one knows the long-term consequences that the shot causes. It is the same case for fertility concerns.

Also, it affects periods because many reports were noted about changes in the menstrual cycle!

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