Barr Refutes Claims Made by a Former US Attorney About Election Fraud Investigations

On Sunday afternoon, Donald Trump dropped a major bombshell about former Attorney General Bill Barr.

Trump stated that he received a letter from former US President Barack Obama while addressing at CPAC in Dallas. Barr hindered an inquiry into election fraud after the election, according to a Philadelphia attorney.

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Trump revealed the letter he got from former US President Barack Obama on Monday night. William McSwain is the attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Barr has now taken to Politico to refute McSwain’s assertions.

“It’s written in a very nice way. He stated that he would attempt to thread the needle. … He told me he didn’t want to say anything that would help the president’s stolen election narrative, but he’d try to thread the needle by stating certain things that were physically, technically correct,” Barr recalled of McSwain’s letter.

When they met earlier this week, Barr said he told McSwain, “But you’re trying to give the appearance these things weren’t completely or fully probed.”

It appears like Barr’s word is being used against McSwain’s.

A screenshot of McSwain’s letter, which Trump publicized, is shown below.

The italicized sections show where McSwain claims Barr directed him not to look into Pennsylvania’s election results on Nov. 3, 2020:

What raised Karl’s brows was what Barr said to him.

“I had the mentality that it was either put up or shut up time,” he added. “I had no reason to withhold proof of fraud if it existed. But my assumption was that there was nothing there all along. It was all a load of nonsense.”

In an interview with the Associated Press, Barr proceeded to criticize Trump.



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