Bad News For Tony Fauci: New Wuhan Leak Theory Documents as Proof Appear

More and more light is being shed on the lengths Anthony Fauci went to silence reports and talk surrounding the Wuhan lab leak theory.

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The new information referenced in The Daily Mail report stems from an investigation done by the outlet Vanity Fair, of all publications, who’d analyzed “more than 100,000 leaked documents” that revealed more evidence regarding Fauci’s efforts to downplay the lab leak theory while diving deeper into his involvement with EcoHealth Alliance.

Here’s the report with more detail.

“America’s coronavirus tsar, Dr. Anthony Fauci, silenced any discussion about COVID being caused by a lab leak – and not through animal-to-human transmission – after helping a controversial scientist get millions in federal funding to study bats, a Vanity Fair investigation has revealed.

Analyzing more than 100,000 leaked documents, the magazine claimed that Fauci’s approval of Peter Daszak helped his nonprofit, EcoHealth Alliance, an organization dedicated to shielding society from emerging infectious diseases, to develop the COVID-19 virus in a laboratory in China.

They also claim researchers associated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, including Daszak, tried to hide evidence about the pandemic’s early spread as lab leak hypotheses began to emerge.

While the report is not conclusive in how the pandemic was started, the magazine provides evidence that Daszak was aware the gain-of-function research his organization conducted was ‘risky’ and that he neglected to provide transparency about his projects to the U.S. government, as promised.”

“From there, the theory of the lab leak purports that Peter Daszak of EcoHealth went to Fauci to get the funding for this research, which was then reportedly conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and then something went very wrong.

Of course, there are other variations to the lab leak theory that have floated around, but the general recipe is the same – that EcoHealth’s funded efforts in Wuhan, which were capable via funding derived from Fauci, led to a tampered-with coronavirus strain being inadvertently unleashed.

In pursuit of getting to the bottom of this theory, Vanity Fair reportedly reviewed over 100,000 internal EcoHealth documents from prior to the pandemic, spoke to dozens of sources, and had interviewed five former EcoHealth employees.

Per the analysis conducted by Vanity Fair, while they couldn’t proclaim that these documents provided irrefutable, concrete proof of the lab leak theory – the documents did afford greater insight into the notorious EcoHealth Alliance.”

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