Backlash Hits Markle After Harry Reveals Comments She Made About Suicide And His Mother

“It is a deranged language that hints at emotional abuse and manipulation.”

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As I already said in the previous article regarding Markle – she’s totally taking advantage of Harry’s sensitive mental health and his fragile soul, mostly using the fact he lost a mother at a very early age, and the emotional and mental trauma it has caused.

As Harry revealed just recently, giving out hints about the series he would be releasing regarding the importance of mental health, especially in these crazy COVID times, Meghan Markle was in such a fragile mental state, she wanted to commit suicide, but allegedly, she has forced herself out of that idea, because she “loves Harry so much, she doesn’t want him to lose such an important woman in his life again”, making history to repeat itself.

“This comment will change a lot of minds on Meghan. It is a deranged language that hints at emotional abuse and manipulation,” blasted Charlie Peters.

“Took him away from his family, isolated him from work and friends, and topped it off by claiming that his sadness is the only thing that prevented her suicide. Deeply toxic,” he added. “Come back to us, son of England. All will be forgiven. We miss the old Harry and would cheer his return.”

And Candace Owens really spoke out the words from my mouth:

This is a horror movie scenario, describing a manipulative and over-attached woman and a poor boy who has fallen right inside her trap…


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