Babbit’s Husband’s Demand: These Men Were Present When My Wife Was Killed And I Want Them Identified

The man asks a very simple thing, minding the fact his wife lost her life – unarmed and not representing a threat to anyone around.

Who are they, and why can’t, or won’t, the FBI identify them?

And above all – what have they seen that has to stay hidden, so authorities are keeping them out of the investigation for over a year now?

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Aaron Babbitt has pointed out that only two of the people who were around Ashli at the time of her killing have been arrested, and dozens of others haven’t even been contacted. Six have not even been identified, at least not publicly.

“To look into these people would go against what they’re trying to do,” Aaron said, “which is to just forget about Ashli and just look the other way. ‘Pay no attention to what’s going on over there.’ So they don’t want these people. They probably don’t want to find them. Whether they are government actors or informants or whatever, they don’t want to really find those people.”

“I don’t think there was any investigation on the scene. Nothing,” he said. “They just took the videos, what they were, and used their own videos that they won’t show anybody.” On top of that, Aaron said, “They didn’t even have the decency to give her any dignity. They wheeled her out there bare-chested in front of the world.”

There are reportedly six main suspects that Aaron said could help shed more light on what happened surrounding Ashli’s killing. While they remain unidentified, people on the internet have given them nicknames based on their photos at the time of the incident. They appear below in order of appearance on the FBI’s most wanted January 6 “Capitol Violence” list.

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