AZ Lawmakers: 2020 Election Fraud Investigators Found Racketeering Proof Spanning Several States!

Every sane and intelligent person knows that something happened in the 2020 election. Biden didn’t get 81 million votes and didn’t even win the election against Trump!

No matter that the cowardly federal judges and Supreme Court justices refused to see and consider what we claim evidence gathered will destroy the Democrats. Experts show the vote fraud and the unconstitutional last-minute changes to state voting laws! Trump will win his place back.

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Even though much of the country has continued living their life, even though that did many of Trump’s closest allies, we haven’t! We will fight until our last breath, trying to prove the fraud to the highly corrupted courts and judges.

Among us is one person, the GOP Rep. Mark Finchem. In an interview with the America First network host David Brody, he stated that the investigators have some evidence of racketeering linked to the 2020 election that spans a few states.

He added that the Fuelworks Company rented out the ballroom at the resort, and it was filled with ballot boxes from many states, not only from AZ.

“How is it that four states stopped counting votes at the exact same time?” Finchem said. “That’s probably the No. 1 tip that should alert people that they were all using electronic tabulation and they stopped counting at the same time.”

“That’s a tip, alright?” Finchem said, continuing. “So then we’ve got additional information that’s come into my hands — some testimony that, I think, is still being vetted, but it has to do with something described something out of the Wigwam entertainment complex…with a company called Fuelworks. They apparently rented the ballroom, and there is now a question as to whether that ballroom was filled with boxes of ballots from not just Arizona but other states.”

He didn’t share any hints on who the witness was. However, he stated that if this was true, it would amount to a RICO case, statutes passed decades ago to go after organized crime.

Brody asked Finchem what the motivation to continue digging into the 2020 election was.

“There’s a cognitive dissonance between what we saw and the results of the election,” Finchem said. “Something does not add up, and we’re now seeing that come full circle of more votes than voters, we’re now seeing people who are registered to vote at government buildings, at vacant lots, people who have gotten ballots that, supposedly were voted but they never received a ballot.”

“These are all things that tell me our system is broken, and if the system is broken, that means voters have been disenfranchised, and that’s what bothers me the most,” he added.

Brody emphasized that Trump will probably run again in 2024 and asked Finchem if the upgraded voter integrity laws would be enough to ensure reliable elections.

As an answer, Finchem shared some things that would help in improving the election integrity, like no electronic machines and all-paper ballots with watermarks.

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