AZ Cross-Checked 637,000 Voter ID With Social Security! 58% Didn’t Match!

On September 24, the Maricopa findings will emerge, and everyone will know about the 2020 election fraud. The hearing will be live-streamed.

Now we have significant development. One report from TGP shows that AZ cross-checked the identities of 673,000 voters, where 58% didn’t match. It means they don’t exist, and they aren’t accurate voters.

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See below:

It isn’t happening only in AZ, but in Texas and Kansas, where Social Security Administration checks.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

In the last 10 weeks, Arizona has checked the voter registration credentials with the Social Security Administration (SSA) on 673,560 applicants.

This is a massive volume considering most States including Arizona typically process around 2,500 a month. They’ve processed more identities in the last 2 months than they’ve done in the last 9 years combined. Is someone scrubbing a database, or auditing “Federal Only” voters?

During “new voter registration” States are to verify the driver’s license number against their own MVD database. Only in situations where no driver’s license can be provided should the State check their identity through the Help America Vote Verification (HAVV) interface provided by the SSA. The 43 States that participate provide the last 4 of the SS#, the applicant’s name, and DOB. The interface responds if a match was, or was not found, if they are deceased, and so on.

“No Match” was found on 58% of the voters submitted by Arizona over the last 10 weeks.

A whopping 393,017 did not have a match out of the 673,560. In fact, Arizona weekly processing has one of the highest Non Match percentages in the country, typically between 50%-65%. In most other States this ratio is from 15%-25%.

In the first week of July, Arizona jumped from processing 500-600 a week, to a massive 70,000 a week. This volume stopped on September 10th and is now back down to a few hundred. Starting in February both Texas and Kansas were also processing large volumes each week, between 30,000 to 55,000. This also stopped and went back to normal volumes in June. These are checks on older voter registration applications because this volume far exceeds new voter applications.

So what is going on here?

The image below shows the only 3 voter registrations systems in Arizona and many of the interfaces. This includes Maricopa’s VRAS sytem, the Pima County system, and the State-based system called AVID used by all other counties. The HAVV Interface processes data through the MVD. Because of this, it’s unclear which of these 3 voter registration systems, or possibly a commercial service, is pushing this massive amount of ID verification requests to the SSA.

This appears it’s possible this may have been related to the audit investigation.

And they shared these images:

Numerous AZ senators like Wendy Rogers hinted at massive irregularities soon-to-be shared. Everything will be revealed on September 24.

The AZ Central reported:

Months ago, Arizona Senate President Karen Fann had hoped for a fairly quick review of election procedures to look for ways the voting system could be improved. The Arizona audit originally was expected to last a month; it is now in its fifth month.

Here’s the latest on the long-running political spectacle:

5:45 p.m. Sept. 17: Details about audit report presentation are released
At the Sept. 24 roll out of the results of the review of Maricopa County’s 2020 election, three men will present the results of their work.

Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan will present the findings of the hand count done of the county’s 2.1 million ballots — both how the votes added up for the presidential and U.S. Senate candidates and the number of ballots.

Audit spokesman/fundraiser Randy Pullen will discuss the results of the machine count of ballots. Senate President Karen Fann ordered the count after she learned that the Ninjas’ hand count of the number of ballots didn’t match the official result.

Fann, R-Prescott, said the count would serve as a “check” on the Ninjas’ work. The tally was done on high-speed paper counting machines that cost the Senate about $30,000. Pullen said his presentation would not take much time.

Checking in via Zoom will be Shiva Ayyadura, whose firm, EchoMail, did a review of the signatures on mail-in ballot envelopes. “Dr. Shiva” as he is known to his followers, has subscribed to election conspiracies that the 2020 election was stolen.

Ayyadura was hired by the Senate for the signature review on a $50,000 contract. He also was a subcontractor for the Cyber Ninjas, hired to review digital images of all 2.1 million ballots.

AZ Central The Gateway Pundit

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