AZ Audit Volunteers Can’t Attend DC Hearing On Their Audit Work! WATCH

One group of worried AZ audit volunteers is in Washington DC for election integrity training, and they were furious by Thursday’s US Congressional hearing attacking their efforts.

They wanted to attend the hearing, but they needed approval 4-hours prior to the hearing.
Audit volunteers shared a video struggling with the horrific ballot anomalies that happened on the counting floor.

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Last night, the volunteers shared another video right in front of Capitol Hill, sharing why the lies told in the Congressional hearing were despicable.

The Gateway Pundit got the video first:

Heather: Hello, we are here at the Capitol. We are concerned citizens from Arizona. We heard yesterday, the hearing that our Board of Supervisors, and Ken Bennett, were in, and we are not happy at all. We took time away from our family to work at the audit. I saw hundreds of people taking their one week vacation, just to work at the audit. It’s not a joke. We the People call for an audit. Thankfully we had some Senators to help us but we called it, we wanted it. And it needed to be done because our elections are at risk. So for us to see all the lies that were going on yesterday at the hearing is unacceptable. We pay your salaries, Board of Supervisors. You’re there for us. You work for us. And you’re saying that we’re stupid and we and it’s a joke. And it’s unacceptable.

Patty: Hi, my name is Patty and I worked at the audit as well. I want to bring a couple points to the attention of the viewers. I am a former auditor, internal and external auditor, financial auditor, and I want to tell you one of the first things that we look at when we approach a company is we ask for their policies and procedures, because we will audit that. Secondly, we look for the management tone, and the management tone, in this case, would be the board of supervisors that are non compliant and they’re undermining, and they were adversarial. They have not ever been accommodating to the requests of the audit team. That is noncompliance and that leads to very unreliable sources from them, and we’ve not received the Splunk logs or any of the other information. More importantly, when they go publicly and start undermining the efforts of the taxpayers as Heather stated,we pay their salaries. They work for us and they need to be reminded of that. All of the politicians work for us. We the People called for the audit, we own the audit, it’s not the Senators’ audit, it’s our audit. And we sacrificed countless hours, countless hours to bring for the product that we stand behind, and the fact that we have people on our side of the aisle coming to Congress and spewing lies and spreading these rumors about cyber ninjas being illegit is, honestly, unbelievable, and it’s treason. Because We the People have called for the audit and we stand behind it and we will not stand for these political elites to feel they can undermine the American people. We will continue to stand behind the audit, and I want everyone out there to understand this. I’ve run audit teams and the audit process was tight. There was a chain of custody presence, everyone took their job very seriously. There was check-ins and check-outs, we were temperature checked, we had COVID questionnaires we had to fill out, and all of that stuff because we have to abide by this law, but we did all of that because we wanted the audit to be above reproach. And we believe it is, it is above reproach and we wish that everyone would stop listening to the lies and start doing your own research. Just look in your own backyard. I also did a lot of canvassing. I knocked on doors I saw the empty lots with the 75 names attached to the one address, countless times. So people need to wake up and they need to understand that this is all a lie, along with the COVID Lie to keep us down and to keep us divided. Because when we come together, which is what God wants us to do, then we win. It’s us against them, this is not going to stop until we start standing up and calling it for what it is. It’s a conspiracy against We the People, and we’ve had enough. Thank you.

Heather: And I just want to say that what we want is one day, one vote. Voter ID required, hand-count paper ballot, no mail-in except only in those certain circumstances, smaller precincts, no machines, results by 9 pm day of, period. Thats what we want. Because I’ll tell you what, when I went to the house, and there were 12 voters who voted from the one house, and the lady who answered the door said, “Well we moved in March and you know there’s just me and my husband, but I know we bought it from a family of five, with two adults and three children.” So literally there was 12 adult names that supposedly voted from that one house. So, there is something wrong, period. So for the board of supervisors to sit there and say that this audit is a joke is, like I said, absolutely unacceptable. And we are not moving forward to 2022 until 2020 is fixed, and we get our one day, one vote.

The auditor workers did their best for this audit, and they saw law violations, evidence of malfeasance, and now the Dems lies want to cover everything up.

2020 has to be fixed so that we can move on to 2022/24.

Watch below:

The Gateway Pundit Rumble

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