AZ Audit UPDATE: Auditors Down To 15 Pallets Of Ballots To Count! Total Pallets 28, JUST ONE WEEK AGO! VIDEO

On Tuesday, The Gateway Pundit interviewed the Arizona Audit Director Ken Bennett and former Arizona GOP Chair Randy Pullen. 

It occurred only a few days after the auditors audited half of the 2.1 million ballots. 

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Ken Bennett shared that the third shift is scheduled to start tonight at 8 PM and end at 1 AM. 

With the night shift, the pace should continue to soar. 

TGP shared the conversation so that you can read it below. 

Conradson: We reached the halfway mark just recently. Have there been any more significant updates, or do you have any updates on the total?

Bennett: We reached the halfway point last Saturday. We actually had a surprisingly large number of counters here on Memorial Day, and I was told by the auditors that they did the largest single day of counting so far in the audit on Memorial Day.

Conradson: How many ballots was that?

Bennett: We aren’t releasing the specific amounts, but we’re told that it’s the most significant single-day amount so far, so things are progressing well. I would say we’re now well beyond the halfway point.

Conradson: Do you have an idea of how many ballots are being completed per day?

Bennett: I can’t tell you that either, but one thing, in the untouched corrals over in the back. When we came back from the graduations a little over a week ago, there were 28 pallets of untouched ballots. We’re now down to 15.

Pullen: We almost cut it in half in 10 days!

Conradson: How many tables are up and running right now?

Pullen: 25 today, 33 in the morning, and 28 in the afternoon yesterday.

Conradson: How many did we start with?

Bennett: On day one, we had 20 counting tables and eight paper valuation tables. Now we’re up to 44 possible counting tables and 32 paper evaluation tables. Not all are full, but we are getting closer.

Conradson: Are you guys finding anything that indicates fraud?

Bennett: There are no findings that will be released while we’re doing it. Everything will be part of the final report.

Conradson: How will you check to see that voters were alive and citizens of The United States?

Bennett: There are folks that have been and will be looking at those kinds of voter registration anomalies as part of the audit

Conradson: You guys aren’t going to do a canvass?

Bennett: The Senate President announced that the canvassing idea going forward was on indefinite hold, so there may have been enough work done beforehand.

Conradson: Do you have a safeguard in place in case someone like the DOJ comes in and just shuts this down?

Pullen: Were not anticipating the DOJ is coming in to do anything

Conradson: Are you expecting other states and other counties to start following Arizona’s lead?


Christina Bobb from One America News shared that Pennsylvania sent a delegation to Arizona on Tuesday. They wanted to make an on-the-scene tour of the audit facility on Wednesday. 

Conradson: Are you guys still looking for volunteers? Where can they sign up?

Bennett: Yes. They can go to

“Everything will be part of the final report.”

I guess we will get a bomb next month when the data will be collected, and the final results are here. The Truth will surface, and nothing can stop us. 

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