AZ Audit Reveals That Thousands Of Ballots For Trump Weren’t Detected By The Machines, Audit Liaison Uncovered!

Ken Bennett, Senate liaison to the Maricopa County, AZ, election audit, shared that more than 33,000 ballots from the 2020 election where voters made no selection for Trump or that votes weren’t reported by the machines.

“There were over 33,000 undervotes,” Bennett shared for The Western Journal. “There may be, you know, a certain number of people that didn’t want to vote for [Democrat Joe] Biden or [Republican Donald] Trump or [Libertarian Jo] Jorgensen or anyone else, so they may, in fact, be undervotes.”

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“But if someone circled their oval or made a check next to it or did something other than get pixels of blackness inside the oval, almost one percent of the 3.4 million people that voted in Arizona, the machines did not record any vote for president,” he continued.

Bennett is the AZ Secretary of State from 2009 to 2015, he shared that the hand count of the 2.1 million ballots from Maricopa County that ended this week included examination of the undervote ballots.

“If we find some people that circled their oval or made a checkmark next to it, not every one of those is probably going to be for Trump or not everyone is going to be for Biden. So will it make a difference in the outcome? Maybe, maybe not.”

Maricopa County recorder’s office shared that there were 8,375 undervotes in the 2020 election within its jurisdiction.

Maricopa County encompasses the Phoenix metropolitan area, making up more than 60% of the state’s population. Obviously, only 25% were accounted of the 33,000 undervote ballots.

He emphasized Biden’s narrow win over Trump in Arizona. He won by 0.3% or 10,500 votes.

From 2016 to 2020, only Maricopa County flipped from red to blue!

To tell you how tight the race was, Bennett shared an example of a shire in mid-England broken up into communities of 1,000. Today, numerous England counties bear the same shire: Yorkshire, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire, etc.

Imagine if AZ were a shire, and 80% of the population voted, as in the 2020 election, that means 800 people, and the election result would have been 401 for Biden and 399 for Trump.

If AZ had one percent more of the ballot cast, precisely eight votes would make 808 votes, and only 800 were counted. The entire event brings numerous questions, especially for Trump supporters and team.

“So that’s exactly like the actual election in Arizona,” Bennett said.”You got 3.4 ballots, but the machines only read a little bit less than that and votes. So if you were either the winner or especially the loser in a race that was decided by two out of 800 votes, I think one of the first things you’d want to do is make sure that every one of those one percent of the ballots was reviewed.”

“I mean, this is a race that was decided by three tenths of one percent. And so you would probably want to make sure that the election department had done a perfect job seeing if all the votes were counted, especially when one percent of the ballots supposedly weren’t counted for any ballot for president by the machines.”

According to Bennett, the first order of the business had been confirming via a hand count that the overall tally in Maricopa County is the same as what the Dominion Voting Systems machines shared.

“But when you’ve got a race that was essential, not essentially, it was literally as far as the percentage, two out of 800 is the same exact percentage as the margin of victory, which was 10,000 to 3.4 million, it deserves close scrutiny.” He stated.

“To me, whenever I have shared the shire story…everyone who’s heard that says, ‘Oh, now it makes it perfectly clear why we’re doing an audit. We’ve got a race that was decided by two out of 800 votes,” Bennett added.

Once the hand count ended, the audit moved to complete an examination of the ballots for abnormalities. The study was done by high-resolution cameras providing a microscopic review.

‘’ Some of the issues auditors are looking at include the authenticity of the paper itself and whether the ovals were filled in by hand or machine,’’ Bennett shared.

Official ballots contain alignment marks on both sides, and they have to match up.
Bennett thinks that the findings report will appear at the end of July, but there’s the option that it may be released on Labor Day.

“I think Arizona wins either way,” Bennett contended. “If we find that the election was run very smoothly and complied with all of the rules and requirements in state law, then good for Arizona. We win. But if we find other things that are weaknesses and need to be improved before the next election in 2022 or the presidential in 2024, then we get those things fixed, and we win there too.”

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