AZ Audit Doesn’t Have Record Of 74,000 Votes Being Received!

It seems that floodgates are open when we are talking about the results of the November election. The audits were happening across the country for months, and even Biden and the Dems are acting like he really won the election.

A couple of days ago, one independent audit exposed massive voter fraud in Fulton County, GA. Maybe if that isn’t enough for the Americans, then hear that one AZ audit revealed that there is no record for more than 74.000 received ballots.

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Right after the 2020 election results announcement, Trump stated that the election was stolen by voter fraud. The liberals continued attacking him and celebrating Biden. However, the Senators decided to make an audit all over the country, and when each one is completed, we can conclude that Trump was right!

If you ask why 74,000 votes are necessary, bear in mind that Biden won AZ with 10.457 votes.

The liberal media is working effortlessly, and the journalists are asking for the truth about the 2020 election.
Kyle Becker shared: “NOW I get why Maricopa County and Biden admin fought tooth and nail to prevent an independent audit,”

‘’ 74,000 absentee ballot mail-in records missing, 25K duplicates, voter rolls a mess, bleed throughs, tens of thousands of ballots on demand, admin passwords issues. A disaster.”

There were found more than 74.000 ballots that weren’t received. Ken Bennett, the AZ Secretary of State, shared that the examination of the duplicate ballots revealed some shocking news.

“It has created great difficulty to try to match up a duplicated ballot to its duplicate.”

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