An identity match could not be found for 86,391 people according to the Arizona audit. Page 56 of the “Results Details” report reveals this.

These Maricopa voters voted in November 2020 but do not appear to exist. A whopping 73.8 percent of these unknown voters are registered as Democrats or have chosen no party affiliation. That’s a total of 63,757 votes. Because everything that isn’t R or D is lumped together as “Other,” it’s far more difficult to keep track of suspicious registrations if you don’t pick a party. Even the new state voter registration form has only three sections (R, D, and Other), and some registration reporting has been simplified.

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Melissa Personator, likely the best commercial service for validating US or Canadian identities, was used by Cyber Ninjas. It searches both commercial and public databases, including the US Postal Service and the Social Security Administration. Most of these “unknowns,” according to Cyber Ninja, could be real people with limited public records. Every State and Federal database has our name, DOB, SS#, and address. Something is clearly wrong if you can’t be found using these credentials.

Maricopa’s history, registration fights, and concerns with non-citizen voters were not taken into account by the Ninjas. They don’t consider the possibility that the database was tampered with, but they do know it was hacked on November 5th, 2020. Ha

The new Maricopa Recorder revealed in March 2017 that tens of thousands of unprocessed voter registration forms were stacked in their office. Helen Purcell (Republican) had served as Recorder until she was replaced by Democrat activist Adrian Fontes two months prior. These were voter applicants who couldn’t offer proof of citizenship or identification in the United States. They were advised by letter that they needed to supply more evidence, and the forms were being held indefinitely. Why?

Prop 200 was enacted in Arizona in 2004. Citizens were now required to produce proof of U.S. citizenship and identification in order to register to vote. Arizona’s state registration form was altered to accommodate the new law.

The Maricopa Board of Supervisors discovered they had severe issues with elections and corruption after the 2018 election. Their investigation discovered that all election officials reported to County Recorder Fontes, and the Board had no knowledge of election results. As a result, in June of this year, the Board created a second “Director of Elections” position. The Supervisor Board now reports to one Director, while the County Recorder reports to the other. Fontes had no objections to the adjustments because he had complete authority over VRAS, Maricopa’s voter registration system. These are the kingdom’s keys. Fontes then worked with Democrat SOS Katie Hobbs to process the non-citizen applications and have them processed.

Maricopa added 340,676 additional voter registrations between the 2018 midterm election and the November 2020 election. In just two years, that’s a stunning 13.1 percent gain. Fontes’ “Deputy Registrar” project provided 638 liberal volunteers access to VRAS and registration form processing.

NOTE: Any state worried about elections should demand that images of the registration servers be saved for the date voter registration concludes, election day, and the completion of ballot counting.

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