August 2021: The Time Both FDA and Pfizer Knew The Vaccines Aren’t Effective – Neither Safe

And it was around this time when the vaccine mandates were pushing tighter and stronger worldwide.

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As a matter of fact, “…they were seriously dangerous. And they rolled it out anyway.”

Dr. Naomi Wolf guested a recent episode on Steve Bannon’s War Room. During the appearance, she alleged that

” based upon the outpouring of data that has been coming out regarding the COVID shots, outfits like the FDA and Pfizer “knew” by August of last year that these shots were hardly as safe and effective as they were purported to be.”

“What you’re saying is that there’s still a clinical trial going on – which makes sense – these vaccines take 10, 15 years, whatever they take. This is a clinical trial, it’s the reason they wanted to hide the data for 70 years. Is that essentially the summation, that the American people have been subject to a clinical trial of which they didn’t know they were signing up for?” Bannon asked

Dr. Wolf agreed with the notion that the rollout of the COVID jabs were still part of the clinical trials, so to speak, but she added that aspect wasn’t the biggest transgression of all – noting that the people should’ve known they were still in the trial phases.

Instead, Dr. Wolf claimed that the biggest offense in the pushing of these COVID shots was that the big pushers behind them – namely the FDA and Pfizer – had known by August of last year that they were peddling a false narrative regarding the safety and efficacy of these shots.

“Well, they did know, because if you read the fine print, you know, it was no secret that this was the way, short circuits the normal internal trials process. And we knew, or people who looked closely knew, that the clinical trials were not done until 2023. It’s much more serious than that. It looks to me, this is not an overstatement from what I’ve seen, that this was a clinical trial that by August of 2021, Pfizer and the FDA knew was failing – failed.

“That the vaccines were not safe and effective, that they weren’t working, that the efficacy was waning…and that they were seriously dangerous. And they rolled it out anyway.”

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