Audit Reveals that the GA Officials Don’t Know How Many Ballots Were Printed

The latest battleground in the attempt to examine the 2020 presidential election is Fulton County.

According to a new audit, Fulton County’s senior election officials have no idea how many absentee votes were printed.

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Wouldn’t you expect the county to be well-versed in electoral statistics?

Shouldn’t they know how many people are eligible to vote, how many people have registered to vote, and how many people have actually voted?

Shouldn’t they be keeping track of who receives absentee ballots if they’re offering them to citizens?

To ensure that only legitimate voters cast ballots?

This appears to be self-evident.

However, as the audit draws attention to Fulton Government, we are realizing how chaotic and unprepared the county appears to be.

Below are some facts about this surprising revelation:

In Fulton County, a judge has granted auditors permission to examine 145,000 absentee ballots.

When county officials were asked how many absentee ballots were printed, they were unable to provide an answer.

This should, one again, be a fundamental number that our authorities should be able to respond to!

However, when the audit shines a light on Fulton County, we can see how chaotic and unprepared it appeared to be.

In Fulton County, a judge has authorized auditors to examine 145,000 absentee ballots.

When auditors inquired about the number of absentee votes produced, county officials were unable to provide an answer.

This should, once again, be a simple number that our authorities should be able to answer!

Ones were unable to provide a precise number to the attorney.

“So, during the deposition, I requested the invoice for those ballots….” Cheeley told Amero, “I don’t have the invoice yet, so we don’t know if it’s 20,000 or some other number.”

“I asked Mr. Jones questions regarding the chain of custody of those documents [ballots] and who had limited access to those papers because it’s critical that you maintain it under tight scrutiny,” the lawyer stated.

“I also asked him how many of those papers were printed and sent to voters, and he had no idea.”

Cheeley went on to say that he asked Jones if any ballots were left behind, but the official said no.



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