AUDIO; Lin Wood Called Gen. Flynn A ‘’TRAITOR’’ & ‘’DEVIL WORSHIPER’’ In An Online Rant!

Ex- Nick Sandmann and Kyle Rittenhouse lawyer Lin Wood faces a firestorm of controversy!

You know that Lin Wood used the Rittenhouse case as an opportunity to raise money for his purposes.

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Rittenhouse stated that because of Wood, he remained in jail longer than he was supposed to be, for Woods to raise as much money as possible.

Kyle stated that Woods would be the first person he would go after lawsuit-wise.

Of course. Woods denied the claims and wanted to fight back.

Now, the drama is here!

The latest audio from Wood is an online discussion with a group ‘’Patriotic Voice,’’ and it has leaked in public.

This group is a ‘’Q-anon’’ group, and Wood spoke to approximately 6 thousand people online.

From the leaked audio, we have heard that Wood calls General Mike Flynn a traitor and Devil worshiper and blamed him for the Russia hoax unleashed against trump.

Hear the audio below:

These were the online comments.

“Lin Wood is a nutty fruitcake. You can tell the guy’s a nut just by listening to him…”

“Yikes…Flynn was one of few helping Trump. Wood has lost it”

“That guy is mentally ill and needs to be confined, permanently.”

“I’m sorry, but Lin is not all there. I’ve followed him for over a year and he’s reposted absolute shill accounts and misinformation. Some of the people in that very chat in the video are just an example. He’s been lashing out and accusing everyone lately of wrongdoing.”

“I feel like he will obsessively attack someone, then turn around and talk about how he himself is a truth teller and then quote some Bible verse. SATAN is the accuser of the brethren and I feel that Lin is being deeply misled or lacks discernment.”

“it looks as if the people who distrusted & warned us about Linn Wood were right from the beginning. I admit to have been taken at first in because Wood followed me & RTed my tweets.”

“In the beginning I really liked Lin and followed him but now I think he’s narcissistic and deeply misled.”

“At this point we have to say Lynn Wood is bat shit crazy or a democratic operative. I give it less than a 1% chance he is legit. When we watch things over time, we get a better picture of what’s true and what’s fake.”

“He is basing that off of a video of Flynn from many years ago that was altered. Lin also said Epstein is Alive and never brought receipts.”

“Lin is a bit to far out there. His mission seems division”

“This is a psyop and it’s really sad that he deceives these people”

“Something broke Lin Wood, and I wish his family would do an intervention. He has done some great work, but for over a year now it’s clear he needs some help.”

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