Attorney DePerno’s Office Broken Into! VFW Hall Representatives Cancel DePerno Presser Due To Threats!

Matthew DePerno is a courageous attorney representing Bill Bailey, the plaintiff in Antrim County. The case is MI Voter Fraud.

100 Percent Fed Up shared that for a few months, Erik Grill (Jocelyn Benson’s attorney) did his best to dismiss Bill Bailey’s voter fraud case versus Antrim County, where she was a defended signed by Michigan’s radical, Attorney General Dana Nessel.

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Due to his battle to expose voter fraud in Antrim County, Michigan, De Perno received threats. In that county, there was a fraud where more than 5,000 votes for Trump were flipped to Biden.

Matt’s DePerno’s law office was raided on Friday evening.

As DePerno explained, in Friday late evening, the break-in happened. Police came to investigate the burglary and say that nothing was stolen.

Who broke into the office, and what they wanted to find?

Moreover, on Monday, DePerno was supposed to give a press conference in Traverse City, MI. He planned to give the press conference at the VFW hall to reveal his bombshell discovery in the Antrim County voter fraud case.


But, today, the VFW representatives told DePerno that he could not use the VFW hall for his press conference due to the threats they received from someone because they allowed DePerno to use the venue for his press conferences.

The Press Conference will occur at midnight at the American Region Post 35 at 1231 Hastings St. Traverse City, MI 49686.

The Gateway Pundit talked to DePerno. He said he was disappointed by the Traverse City VFW hall’s decision.

“You can’t even have a press conference about a case about defending your First Amendment Rights without being threatened by someone to silence you?” the attorney DePerno asked.

“We get canceled just because someone threatens you?” he continued, adding. “Not only can you not express yourself by voting, but you can’t even talk about it anymore!”

The attorney was disgusting in looking for another venue for his press conference. Also, he added that it was hard to find the media that will cover the news of the most important election stories, and now he doesn’t even have a place where he can speak freely.

DePerno, the courageous patriot, pledged to find a new venue for his conference. “No mainstream media will report about this, so when we hold a press conference to attract the local media, and someone or some group threatens to shut it down?”

Someone targets DePerno. Otherwise, why would the Dems attempt so hard to keep him silent?

Firstly, our dishonest Secretary of State and several other unknown individuals threatened him and hoped that he would be scared and shut down his case. Secondly, his office is broken into, and no one knows what they were searching for.
And now, he doesn’t have a venue for his press conference scheduled for tomorrow.

100 Percent Fed Up will travel as long as needed to cover his press conference in Traverse City.



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