ATTENTION: What Could Possibly Be The Mark On Chauvin’s Left Hand?

You have all probably heard that Derek Chauvin was found guilty. But what occurred after the verdict grasped the audience’s attention.

As Chauvin was carried from the courtroom in handcuffs, the camera caught some message on his left hand.

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We read many reports, and some of them claim that the writing or the message on Derek Chauvin’s hand was the phone number of his lawyer, Eric Nelson.

He will call his attorney to try to get an appeal on the court’s decision.

Fox News has more on this story.

”Former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin reportedly had written his attorney’s phone number on his left hand before a jury found him guilty in the death of George Floyd.

Chauvin, 45, was led away from the courtroom in handcuffs Tuesday afternoon after the verdict. His defense attorney, Eric Nelson, followed Chauvin out of the courtroom without comment.

Chauvin wrote down Nelson’s phone number because he knew that, if found guilty, he would likely have his bail revoked and be immediately taken into custody, Nelson told TMZ. He said Chauvin feared a piece of paper would be confiscated.

As a former police officer who had already made several court appearances, Chauvin anticipated having limited access to a phone but knew he would be allowed to call his lawyer, Nelson told the outlet.

Fox News has independently reached out to Nelson seeking more information regarding whether Chauvin will try to appeal the court decision.”

Numerous people think that Maxine Waters calls for violence if Chauvin wasn’t declared guilty at the end of the trial.

TMZ shared some details about the mark on Chauvin’s left hand.

”TMZ now knows what was on Derek Chauvin’s hand … he wanted to make sure he had his lawyer’s phone number in case he was convicted and sent directly to jail.

Chauvin’s lawyer, Eric Nelson, tells TMZ, his client wrote the number ahead of the conviction because the convicted former cop knew if the jury found him guilty of second-degree murder, he’d almost certainly have his bail revoked, and he’d be remanded to custody.

Chauvin clearly knew, given his former profession, he would have limited access to a phone but would be allowed to call his lawyer … thus the scribble on his left hand. Chauvin has been in court many times, so he clearly knew a conviction would lead to swift incarceration, with no opportunity to speak to his lawyer in court after the verdict.”

If Chauvin weren’t declared guilty, many more riots would emerge across the U.S.

However, not everyone believes in this. Some people say that the writing on Chauvin’s had is like EERILY. It is pretty similar to the infamous marking on Hunter Biden.

See below.

It’s peculiar.

All the details lead us to a deeper conversation.

Is this Chauvin the same guy?

Below you will see what many people sent to me.

Is this the same guy?

We don’t know, and the time will show us!

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