ATTENTION: Liberal Uses His New Tattoo To Celebrate COVID Vaccine And Gets Humiliated!

This is beyond belief!

Liberals are rushing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and then to show off!

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These days, one post on social media went viral! One liberal proudly shows his stupidity and shared that he is now superior because they received the vaccine jab!

Numerous people received the vaccine shot and were ‘’proud’’ because of that, but only one person did such nonsense that would make you laugh hard.

One Twitter user received the vaccine and raised the vaccination to an entirely new level. He got a tattoo of the letter ‘’V’’, which stands for the vaccine. The liberal wanted to commemorate the grand event.

Under the name PuckPono, the account wrote: ‘’I got a vaccine tattoo. V for vaccine, v for victory over ignorance and bigotry. I wear it with pride.’’


Are you stupid or what?

Numerous people humiliated and criticized him because of this act. The information you will read below is hilarious, don’t skip it.

V for “Vagina”

Pretty sad that your identity is tied to an experimental vaccine. Hey thanks for being a guinea pig so the rest of us don’t have to. Oh and nice ratio😝

Pretty soon genius that “V” is going to stand for “victim”. Great job 👏

This post went beyond douche chills, I have douche frostbite.

Look up in the sky….it’s a bird……it’s a plane….no it’s virtue signaling guy!!! He not faster than anything nor can he leap over anything but his branding protects him from the evil woke mob!! A true American hero!🙄

LOL I’ve never seen more flagrant Virtue signalling in my entire life. Amazing!

Kinda looks like an L if you tilt your head a bit to the left.

I was going to comment but it seems you guys have it under control……

Everything is out of control.
The left is taking the virus, as they do many things.

Such a serious thing shouldn’t be a ridiculous social issue.


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