Athletes Dropping Around Like Flies: Massive Calls For An Official Investigation

Serious heart inflammations and other similar problems seem to be occurring a lot lately, causing athletes to drop in the middle of games – football, basketball, rugby… And it’s all over the world.

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Former England footballer Matt Le Tissier urged authorities to launch an investigation on Friday into the spate of athletes collapsing with sudden heart problems, declaring that he is not an “anti-vaxxer” and just wants more information.

Manchester United’s Victor Lindelof, Napoli midfielder Piotr Zielinski, and Martin Terrier of French club Rennes were all recently forced to stop mid-game due to severe heart and breathing problems.

“It’s been very concerning for me watching the sport that I love and I played for 17 years…in all that time that I played I never once saw any footballer leave the pitch because of heart issues,” Le Tissier told GB News.

“Now I’m sorry, but if anybody can look at what’s happening now in the world of sport and say it’s normal for all of these people to be having heart issues, in football matches, cricket matches, basketball matches, any sport you wish, these people, the amount of people that are suffering is going through the roof,” he warned.

“Le Tissier says he is calling for an investigation with the caveat, “It might not be to do with the vaccine, it may not be, but let’s have an investigation to find out what it is,” Summit News reported.

“Even saying that deems you to be some kind of anti-vaxxer, which is absolutely disgusting,” said Le Tissier, referring to the treatment of people who dare raise the issue.

“I want just some information, I want people to take a look at what is happening in football, have a proper investigation, and give us some answers as to why so many sportspeople are suffering from heart issues – it’s not difficult,” he concluded.

Even Dr. Peter McCullough warned that myocarditis has become at least 50% more common than predicted by US public health ‘experts.’ His podcast with Joe Rogan went viral above any expectations.

People re waking up – and this is a sign.

We must keep the resistance pushing further!

stay informed and help others.

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