At a School Board Meeting, This Enraged Mother Goes Out on “Fascists”

Parents in Sacramento, California, fired up with a “Woke” school board gathered in mass to slam educators for a communist instructor exposed by Project Veritas in a video that has since gone viral.

One mother was particularly enraged by her child’s “fascist” training. Watch:

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Gabriel Gipe, a public school teacher at Inderkum High School who is affiliated with the militant communist party Antifa, was the target of the woman’s rant.

As he explains on tape below, he was exposed by Project Veritas for his communist brainwashing tactics.

“I just have 180 days to transform them [students] into revolutionaries… “Scare the living daylights out of them,” Gipe remarked.

“Every week, I publish a calendar…

Students have shown up for protests, community gatherings, tabling, food distribution, and a variety of other activities…

He explained that when students travel, they take pictures and write a reflection as part of their extra credit.

In a word, that’s the radical agenda:’scare the f*** out of the American people until they submit.’ It’s evident in the Covid regulations, which require little children to sit for eight hours a day with masks on, despite the lack of proof that they do anything and a mountain of evidence that they mentally hurt children. It’s evident with climate change, where we all act as if the climate never changes and natural calamities and even weather fluctuations are unheard of. Parents, on the other hand, are fed up with the mind games, especially when their children are involved.

They had never seen anything like the Natomas School Board meeting on Wednesday.


The parents formed a line and blasted the school board one by one. The entire meeting is available to view below.

Under such duress, the Natomas School Board concluded that it would be appropriate to merely suspend Gabriel Gipe with pay while looking for a method to fire him for cause.


In an update, Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe stated, “Pro-Antifa California Teacher Gabriel Gipe will be FIRED by @NatomasUSD as a Result of Project Veritas Video.” “Natomas Unified School District will take the legally required next steps to place the teacher on unpaid leave and fire him.”

It just goes to illustrate how ‘parent power’ may be utilised to help turn this country around.



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