ASU Students With LIST OF DEMANDS Trying To expel Kyle Rittenhouse From University!!!!

According to the court, Rittenhouse may be a free man and found not guilty, but that won’t stop the social justice fighters. They continue to grave injustice against this boy!

“Student organizations at ASU are organizing a protest to get Kyle Rittenhouse (who is an online student) kicked out of ASU,” the popular Libs of TikTok account reported. The demands from the student organization are extremely warped.

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Read them below:


  1. Withdraw Kyle Rittenhouse from ASU
  2. Release a statement against White Supremacy & Racist Murderer Kyle Rittenhouse
  3. Reaffirm support for the Multicultural Center on Campus as a Space Safe from White Supremacy
  4. Redirect Funding from ASU PD to support the Multicultural Center and Establishment of a CAARE Center on Campus

Kyle’s lawyers have another slam dunk defamation case because their claims are malicious and wrong. Calling someone a murderer who was found not guilty by a jury is wrong.

To call someone a ‘’white supremacist’’ without evidence is a matter of opinion, but this opinion is weaponized as a pretense to cause harm to Rittenhouse by attempting to cause his removal from AZ State University.

“Political student organization MECHA de ASU posted a list of demands to their Instagram on Friday, calling for campus leadership to ‘withdraw’ Rittenhouse from the university, to issue a statement against ‘white supremacy,’ and to defund their campus police in order to redirect funding to the multicultural center,” the Post Millennial reported.

“MECHA de ASU is a Chicano-centered organization for students on ASU’s campus. According to the group’s GoFundMe page set up for general funding for the student organization, ‘Our work is toward empowering our community in order to liberate colonized people. Our values are rooted in anti-colonialism, anti-imperialism, anti-capitalism, anti-heteropatriarchy, antiracism’,” the report moved on.

“Even with a not-guilt verdict from a flawed ‘justice’ system — Kyle Rittenhouse is still guilty to his victims and the families of those victims,” the group said on Instagram. “Join us to demand from ASU that these demands be met to protect students from a violent, blood-thirsty murderer.”

ASU’s multicultural center is really popular because of its WOKE politics and attacks over the White Supremacy.

Check this video out:

The school spokesperson said the Dean of Students Office is “aware of the disagreement between a handful of students that was captured in a video circulated on social media.”

“The Dean of Students Office will be discussing it with all involved,” the statement said. “ASU is a community of more than 100,000 people from all 50 states and more than 150 countries. Differences of opinion are part of the university experience. The university expects respectful dialogue between students in all engagements.”

“State/federal money pays for these buildings,” he said. “They are open to all students, including white students. I love ASU, but this needs to stop.”

It seems that soon there will be another student attacked for the crime of being white: Kyle Rittenhouse.

The ASU’s anti-Rittenhouse rally is appointed to happen on December 1.

It is nonsense! Maybe Rittenhouse’s case wasn’t linked to race, and there isn’t evidence that he ever did what he did because of race. The students require the school to defund campus police and redistribute the funds to the school’s all-inclusive multicultural center.

“You’re making the space uncomfortable … You’re white. Do you understand what a multicultural space is? It means you’re not being centered,” while repeatedly telling them to leave.

Additionally to the list of demands and ridiculous protests, ASU student called Taskina Bhuiya started a petition against the jury verdict, calling for Kyle to be held accountable for the crimes he has committed.” The posting unironically states, “ASU should be a safe and inclusive place for all students, which will be disrupted if Kyle Rittenhouse is allowed to attend this school.”

Hundreds of people have signed the petition, Rittenhouse should pay for his crimes.

Right after the jury acquitted Rittenhouse on all charges, politicians and media immediately criticized the judge, jury, and the US legal system. They classified the verdict as racist and unjust.

Biden called Rittenhouse a white supremacist and awoke MSM news legal analyst pumping propaganda like calling the trial white supremacy on steroids; it isn’t weird that these activists still fell emboldened and justified enough to go after this teen who was defending from a mob of violent thugs.

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