As They Vote 16 to 2 Against the Approval of Booster Doses, FDA Scientists Explain That The Covid-19 Vaccines Kill at Least Two People For Every One Person They Save

The Food and Drug Administration vaccine advisory group met live on September 17th to debate and vote on Pfizer and BioNTech’s proposal to deliver booster doses to the general population. The conversation lasted more than eight hours and revealed some surprising information.

During the discussion, Dr. Joseph Fraiman, an emergency medicine physician from New Orleans, spoke for many minutes and revealed that there is no clinical evidence to refute assertions that the Covid-19 vaccines hurt more people than they save.

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“We need your assistance on the front lines to combat vaccine apprehension. Ensure that the booster trials are large enough to detect a decrease in hospitalizations.

“Without these data, the medical community will be unable to firmly call out anti-Covid-vaccine campaigners who claim that vaccines cause more harm than good, particularly among the young and healthy.

“It should worry us all that we don’t have the clinical data to indicate these campaigners are wrong.”

Following Dr. Joseph Fraiman, Steve Kirsch, Executive Director of the Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund, disclosed that the Covid-19 vaccines kill more people than they save.

“Today, I’m going to concentrate my remarks on the elephant in the room, the fact that vaccines kill more people than they save.

“We were encouraged to assume that the vaccines were absolutely safe, but this is just not the case; for example, in the Pfizer 6-month file report, there were four times as many heart attacks in the treatment group, which wasn’t just bad luck. According to VAERS, heart attacks occur 71 times more frequently after these immunizations than after any other vaccine.”

The next slide in Steve Kirsch’s presentation was captioned “Excess Death: Life Ratio is UNACCEPTABLE.” The slide depicts how many additional fatalities were required as a result of immunization in order to save one life due to Covid-19.

“Only the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) statistics are statistically significant, but the rest of the data is concerning.” Steve Kirsch remarked.

“Even if vaccines provide 100 percent protection, we are still killing two individuals to save one life.

“Four experts used completely separate non-US data sources to conduct analyses, and they all came up with roughly the same number of vaccine-related deaths, 411 deaths per million doses. That means 115,000 people have died as a result of the Covid-19 vaccines.”

The Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund’s Executive Director then raised some severe concerns about data originating from Israel.

“The facts show that we murder more people than we save. And I’d like to look at the data from the Israel Ministry of Health on the 90+ year olds, where we’ve gone from 94.4 percent vaccinated to 82.9 percent vaccinated in the previous four months. I

“At its most hopeful, this means that 50% of those who were vaccinated died and 0% of those who were not vaccinated perished. You can’t approve the boosters unless you can explain that to the public.”

The FDA’s chief vaccine regulator, Peter Marks, then encouraged committee members to look at “the whole of the information” before making a decision.



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