Around 80 Yearbook Photos Of Girls Edited In A Florida School

The yearbook is the most wonderful and pleasant memory of the days we will forget as we grow old, the days we were careless and young…

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And it is no wonder many are obsessed to look absolutely stunning on the yearbook photography. However, an internal scandal broke in Florida, at the Bartram Trail High School in St. Johns. A local teacher, Anne I\rwin, made a selfish decision to edit the photographers of the students who went there, mostly girls since she felt they needed to be a bit more dressed up!

And, as the New York Times reports,

” The school did not change any pictures of male students, despite the fact that the boys’ swim team was pictured in Speedo swimsuits.

And earlier this year, a dress code scandal at Bartram Trail High made local headlines when dozens of girls were pulled out of class in one day for violating the dress code. Many girls said they were ordered to unzip their completely zipped sweatshirts in front of other students and instructors, revealing tank tops and sports bras, which were then considered inappropriate.”

Christina Langston, the district’s spokesperson claims that

“Bartram Trail High School’s prior procedure was to not include student pictures in the yearbook that they found to be in violation of the student code of conduct, so the digital alteration was a solution to ensure that all students were included in the yearbook. The purpose of the altered images seemed to be to make the students’ clothes more modest, with modifications that covered female students’ shoulders and chests.”

Do you justify this act or would you come up with a better solution? And what about consent?


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