Arizona’s 2020 Election Audit Just Leaked: ‘Both Encouraging and Alarming’!

A draft report has just been released, and according to the statements included, the initial findings that President Joe Biden are allegedly true.

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“What has been found is both encouraging and alarming. On the positive side, there were no substantial differences between the hand count of the ballots provided and the official canvass results for the county,” the draft states.

“Was there massive fraud or anything? It doesn’t look like it,” Pullen said.

Pullen said there were “anomalies” in the county’s voting records.

And despite saying that there was no apparent fraud, he indicated the issues were serious enough to throw the final vote county in question.

For example, the draft said, “None of the various systems related to elections had numbers that would balance and agree with each other. In some cases, these differences were significant.”

Further, it said there “appears to be many ballots cast from individuals who had moved prior to the election. Missing files and sloppiness also impeded the effort to audit the election, the report said.

Had Maricopa County chosen to cooperate with the audit, the majority of these obstacles would have easily been overcome,” the report said.

The draft audit report said that Arizona needs to make some changes.

“There are sufficient discrepancies among the different systems that, in conjunction with some of our findings, suggest that the delta between the Presidential candidates is very close to the potential margin‐of‐error for the election,” it said.

“It is recommended that legislative reform be passed that tightens up the election process to provide additional certainty to elections going forward and that several specific findings of our audit be further reviewed by the Arizona Attorney General for a possible investigation,” the draft said.

Well, then what happened with the leaked audios and video materials? What happened to the resignation of the embarrassed Supervisor from Maricopa?

Sometimes, actions really do speak louder than words…


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