Arizona Has Double the Number of Undocumented “Federal Only Voters”

Only two states in the US need evidence of citizenship when registering to vote. Arizona is one of them. The Federal Only ballot, which voters can use instead, has a loophole that does not require this paperwork. Instead, voters can only vote in federal elections.

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Senator Kelly Townsend of Arizona sent the following message to her Telegram page on Saturday night:

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“There are still over 21k “Federal Only voters” in Arizona who can’t show they’re citizens or even exist. They are not in the MVD system, and all they need to get a ballot is a bank statement (which may be readily doctored). This is something that has to be handled at the federal level, and I’ve been working to raise awareness about it for quite some time. This is the next thing that has to be audited, and voter intimidation is a weak justification for not doing so.”

These Federal Only voters will not be able to vote in state or municipal elections, but they will be able to vote in federal elections, including the 2020 Presidential Election.

To vote in municipal and state elections, only two states require this documentation.
As of March 2020, ten municipalities around the country allowed non-citizens to vote in local elections. Nine of them were found in Maryland. San Francisco, California was the other.

Without proof of US citizenship, no one should be allowed to vote in any race.

It makes you wonder why Joe Biden is bringing illegal immigrants into our neighborhoods on our taxpayers’ dime and giving them access to elite hotels all throughout the country.

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