Are UN Soldiers Establishing “compounds” on American Soil?

This is quite concerning.

A video has been circulating online purporting to show a woman dressed in UN clothing declaring that the UN has established a “compound” in Utah.

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She claims that the “compound” is no longer on American territory, and that Americans have no rights there.

VERY concerning.

She states she doesn’t want her face on camera at one point, so let’s spread the word about this video.

As far as I know, it’s still America, and I’m here to inform the United Nations that they are the ones who have no rights on American territory!

Are you on board with me?

Here’s a beautiful video to watch on Rumble:

Do you think that’s a terrible thing?

Take a look at what I found….

NATO recently received the world’s largest naval facility from the Pentagon.

Any American should be alarmed by this news.

The greatest military alliance in the world will now operate on American turf.

Military leaders in the United States are instilling panic in the public about possible strikes from China or Russia across the Atlantic.

Americans will be misled into believing that this multinational force will protect them from foreign invaders.

Our government, meanwhile, has handed up our security to other powers, with NATO forces already on our shores.

It stinks of a global government squeezing the United States even tighter.

And the fact that Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is presiding over NATO’s new American headquarters does not assuage my fears.

Americans should be concerned about their politicized military leadership because of his foolish pandering to Critical Race Theory and statements about a Trump coup.


This is the command that has given NATO permission to launch operations in Norfolk.

What’s to stop them from labeling Americans with the wrong political views as public threats, given their partisan rhetoric?


More information on NATO’s new headquarters can be found here:



In Norfolk, NATO’s newest headquarters is now fully operating.

Joint Force Command Norfolk has achieved Full Operational Capability (FOC), and a ceremony was held to commemorate the achievement on Thursday at 10 a.m.

According to the Navy, this new command is part of the allied command operations system. It will be responsible for the North Atlantic and the High North, and will be directed by the United States and supported by component, Allied, and partner commands.

According to the Navy, its purpose is to protect the Strategic Lines of Communication across all domains and enable the reinforcement of Europe.

China and Russia, according to military leaders, are increasing their presence in the Atlantic. “Both have boosted their presence in the Atlantic region from the Arctic Circle to the South Pole, which necessitates a proactive approach,” said JFC Norfolk commander Vice Adm. Andrew Lewis.

The new headquarters is the first to be built on American soil, and military officials say it will be critical in defending the Atlantic. “To be completely operational implies we can complete the objective we were given,” Lewis explained.

The occasion drew the military’s highest officer to Norfolk. General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, emphasized the importance of NATO. “The United States does not fight wars on its own.


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